Race against sunset at Lake Atitlan – Guatemala

Apr 5, 2018

Lash Augsburger

How the Photo was Taken

EQUIPMENT: Sony DSC-HX300 – tripod – White Balance: Cool White Flourescent

Editing: Picasa photo editor and Photoshop Elements

Settings: ISO 80 – F/8 – shutter ¼

I always try to use the lowest ISO possible for the least noise in my images. For this evening shot at Lake Atitlan, I used a relatively slow shutter speed to capture as much color and light during sunset as possible, while offsetting the low ISO. Because of the slow shutter speed, I also lucked out by catching the movement of this passing ferry boat, one of the last boats of the evening.

Photo Location

Guatemala's stunning crater lake, Lago Atitlan, is considered by many to be the most beautiful lake in the world. Set deep within a massive extinct volcanic crater, its shores are lined by several quaint villages and surrounded by steep forested crater walls, a jagged crater rim and three large conical volcanoes. Many also believe the lake to have a special spiritual energy. Indeed, when I visited I seemed to feel something magical about the place, well beyond its visual beauty. During my first travels through Guatemala in late 2015, I spent over two weeks at Lake Atitlan. Every day I was blessed with spectacular sunrises and sunsets that displayed rich colors against the volcanic peaks and local activity on the lake water. I made sure to be in position for each glorious event.

About the Author

Lash Augsburger

Lash has been traveling the world solo since 1998. She has been avidly chronicling the beautiful natural world and intriguing cultures she encounters through extensive writing and photography. See more of Lash's photography at LashAPhotography and on her travel blog LashWorldTour

Website : https://lashaphotography.smugmug.com/ http://www.lashworldtour.com/

Twitter : LashWorldTour

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