How to Travel More and Spend Less


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People always ask me how can they travel more! I love to travel and often am on the road. I wanted to share some of my best travel hacks so that you can travel more with less expense.

For flights, I always check several sites like or to see the best routing and which airlines go directly to my destination. After I pick which airline, I sign in and use my frequent flyer points. I have several credit cards with flight benefits and the rewards really add up. I recently flew to San Francisco for my college friends’ double 50th birthday party. I knew I had to be there to celebrate with them and was able to fly from Burbank to San Jose on reward miles from one credit card and home from San Francisco to Los Angeles on points from another credit card. Because I booked two one way tickets and used two different airlines and two different cards, I was able to tailor my trip and see many more friends on my holiday.

How to Travel More and Spend Less: AirFor my hotel in San Francisco, I also used my reward points. It was FLEET WEEK and the city was very busy. I booked in advance and when I called for assistance the team was able to find me the perfect nights in a great location for the points I had earned!

How to Travel More and Spend Less: HotelRemember while you are traveling to spend money on your credit card that gathers points, double points or even triple points! Everything adds up. Even smaller expenses, like the cost of gas, breakfast and activities impact your total number of reward points. Whether you are home or on the road, collect points on the things you would spend money on anyway, like groceries, clothes, and household items.

How to Travel More and Spend Less: FoodUsing the awards that credit card companies make available to you, traveling can become so much cheaper. Websites like make it easy to compare credit cards that have your preferred benefits. The most popular benefits include cash back, points, and airline or hotel credits. There are some uncertainties and misconceptions about rewards cards, but if you choose the right option for you, a rewards credit card can give you benefits that surpass simply being a conscientious spender. Spending turns into travel; who doesn’t love that!

How to Travel More and Spend Less: San FranciscoRewards cards may have annual fees, which might be worth it by the end of the year, if it brings you more flights or hotel nights. Rewards cards are not only convenient, but they also come with useful added benefits. Along with the most popular rewards, like cash back and airline miles, a rewards credit card can also offer travelers access to airport lounges, shopping portals and more. These are the sort of benefits you can compare on The website lets you compare credit cards based on type of rewards, cost, and fees to find the perfect fit for your needs.

I loved being at the party for my friends’ joint 50th birthday and it was great to use my rewards to take advantage of flight and hotel benefits!

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  1. This is some great info. I liked how you included information about credit card benefits and how you can use them to your advantage. Thanks for sharing!

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