Are You Creating Memorable Moments in Los Angeles?


During the last twelve months, I have been working on a project to do We Said Go Travel before I turned 50. I honestly never could have imagined the things that would happen. I went on the Olympic Bobsled, I jumped out a plane and I went mountain biking at Northstar California Resort. I have never been so terrified but I never gave up and now I know that I can reach beyond what I think are my limitations. In Chip Heath and Dan Health’s book, The Power of Moments,” they write: ”

“Learning who we are and what we want, and what we’re capable of—it’s a lifelong process…Self-understanding comes slowly.”

I have been building We Said Go Travel and there have been challenges. I recently learned about amazing resources here in Los Angeles and wanted to share them with you.

Are You Creating Memorable Moments in Los Angeles?
Lisa Niver at Los Angeles City Hall “Grow With”

I have been accepted to be part of the Bixel Exchange Startup LAunch. What is it? “Bixel Exchange is Los Angeles’ Center for Innovation and Technology. We are hosted at the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce. We cultivate talent and empower entrepreneurs with the goal of creating a more prosperous Los Angeles. We do this through our two core programs: Tech Ed Partnerships & Startup LAunch.” I have been to two co-working days and had my first meeting with my mentor. Get ready for big changes at We Said Go Travel as we grow.

Through Bixel Exchange, I learned about a program at City Hall through the Office of Finance, “Grow With.” Over 300 women gathered in the Council Chamber to network and listen to the success stories of female entrepreneurs including Sky Kelley, founder and CEO of Avisare, who was also in the Bixel Exchange program. You can hear her speak about some Los Angeles resources in this video clip:

VIDEO: “Grow With” Los Angeles

Are You Creating Memorable Moments in Los Angeles?It was a wonderful night and I left feeling very inspired! In The Power of Moments, they also remark that:

“Courage is contagious…[Courage] is easier if you’ve practiced, and when you stand up, others will join you…[Remember,] your moment of courage might be a defining moment for someone else.”

Thank you Claire Bartels, Mayor Garcetti, Ana Guerrero and everyone who created this event. I loved when Guerrero said, “We want you to feel supported by the resources the City of LA has to offer.” She also told us that for the first time in the history of the city of Los Angeles there are no all male commissions and half of all deputy mayors are female. The funding to girls sports programs was 20% and is now 38% and increasing. I am ready to “Grow With” the city of Los Angeles.

Thank you to the panel on Vision, Wisdom and Resources for sharing their stories: Ramona Wright, Lea Endres, Sky Kelley and Bethany Yellowtail.

Bethany Yellowtail said: “There is not one way to do anything. I can build a business and brand my way.”

It takes a village to raise a child. It takes a community to start a company,” Sky Kelley told us!

Don’t let then name your value. Name it yourself and believe in yourself.” from Lea Endres

Be able to say I need help and reach out!” moderator Ramona Wright.

Look for more news about the next chapter of We Said Go Travel coming soon! I am reaching for the stars and I am grateful for these women and these resources to help me get there. Lisa Niver

Are You Creating Memorable Moments in Los Angeles?


Lisa Ellen Niver

Award-winning travel expert Lisa Ellen Niver has explored 101 countries and talks travel on KTLA-TV and her website, We Said Go Travel, which is read in 212 countries. Her YouTube videos have nearly 900,000 views and she has more than 140,000 followers on social media (verified on Facebook and Twitter). She sailed on the high seas for seven years and she has been nominated for five Southern California Journalism Awards in the past two years and received 2nd place for her Jewish Journal article. Niver has written for publications including AARP, American Airways, Delta Sky, Luxury Magazine, Ms. Magazine, Robb Report, Sierra Club, Smithsonian, Saturday Evening Post, United Airlines (Hemispheres) and USA Today 10Best.

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