Gathering for Valentine’s Day: #SinglesInAmerica

February 19th, 2016

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singlesinamerica_logoThe Saturday of Valentine’s Weekend, I gathered some of my best girlfriends to listen to the livestream that happened at “The Rickey at Dream Midtown” with Carole Radziwill and Dr. Helen Fisher. I had watched Dr. Fisher’s TED Talk  and was excited to hear her speak about dating. 

She is a Biological Anthropologist, a Senior Research Fellow at The Kinsey Institute, a member of the Center for Human Evolutionary Studies in the Department of Anthropology, Rutgers University and Chief Scientific Advisor to the Internet dating site We figured she would share some great insights about dating in America in 2016.

Dr. Fisher said that in this year’s study, “we focused on the crucial ‘second date,’ a vital courtship step that has been seriously understudied until now.  This meticulous annual scientific study continues to reveal the pulse of the single’s psyche…and our basic human nature.” I was surprised to hear that “59% of men and women do not expect to feel chemistry until the second date, and over a third of singles don’t expect passion to erupt until the third date or later.” I was also shocked that nearly one-third of people have already hooked up before a first date. The women at my house discussed that even when it is “just a hook-up or a one night stand” both people actually hope for more which may be why there are first dates after carnal knowledge.

Watch the Livestream: Click here

I will remember the statistics about “order a cocktail (and skip the wine or beer), as this will increase your second-date chances by 137%!” Change your beverage and get more dates? My favorite cocktail is the national drink of Bermuda, The Dark & Stormy!

We enjoyed ourselves listening to the lifestream and even donned Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump wigs and took photos! There were some outrageous sounding statistics about politics:

Hillary vs. Trump:

  • Hillary supporters are more likely to: lie about the number of past sex partners (102%); “wait for the right person” (38%); actively look for commitment (43%) and want children (65%).  On the first date they expect no physical contact (2133%), are 70% more likely to discuss politics and 226% more likely to discuss marriage.  
  • Trump supporters are more likely to: film themselves having sex (99%); have five or more exes (54%); be unemployed (82%) or retired (96%); expect sex on the first date (1104%) and discuss their exes (116%).

Wondering where this study and statistics came from? “For the sixth year in a row, Singles in America has redefined what we know about dating and relationships,” says Mandy Ginsberg, CEO of Match Group North America. “Our most recent data shows that dating online increases your chances of going on a first and second date in 2016 by 150%. It’s clear that we’ve reached a tipping point where online dating isn’t just another way to meet people – it’s the smartest way to meet people.”

What are your dating goals this year? Will you find a date online? I definitely recommend sharing your goals with friends. At my house we perused the Good Vibration’s Guide to Good Sex for Everyone, and each took home themed goodie bags! We even talked about a group outing and some classes we can take together.

When to go on your date?
Most “Singles prefer to go on a date in the evening (60%), while only 22% prefer a date in the afternoon.  And Saturday is the best day of the week for a date (39%). Additionally, 50% of men and 36% of women agree that a man should pay on the first date.  Men also expect a first date to cost $68.28 while women think $55.71 is the most appropriate price. Both sexes agree that a second date should cost a little more, but men expect the cost to be around $77 while women think $64 sounds about average.”

Whether you choose to drink a cocktail, go on a date in the afternoon or talk politics with your date, I hope you have more happy ones than good stories! Good luck! Share your best first date story in the comments below!

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Joining with #friends to talk about #dating #singlesinamerica @match

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