Where to Go in Gizo, Solomon Islands?

03 Aug 2017 Where to Go in Gizo, Solomon Islands?

During March 2017, I traveled for my first visit to the Solomon Islands to learn about the World War II history and take part in the spectacular SCUBA diving. This article is one of a series from my adventures and focuses on where to go in Gizo! Of the 2000 Americans that visit each year, most of them have plans to get underwater!

How do you get to Gizo?
I flew from Honiara to Munda on Solomon Airlines and then it is another 10 minute hop to Gizo. In between the flights, I was able to speak to the pilot in the cockpit and take photos. After we landed in Gizo, I got to use the sticks that bring in the planes (those orange things!) You can see my adventures in all of the following videos.

VIDEOFly Solomon Airlines Honiara to Gizo

Where did you stay?

From the airport terminal, we traveled by boat to FatBoys Resort. My open air overwater bungalow had stunning views and palm frond shutters. I loved watching sunrise here. Each day, I had lovely flower arrangements of petals on my bed. FatBoys Resort is literally across the water from Kennedy island and has been open for nine years. You can also stay nearby at Sanbis Resort.

VIDEO: Join me at Fatboys Resort in Gizo, Solomon Islands

Where did you dive?

I loved spending the day with Dive Gizo. I did two dives and had an incredible lunch! Our first dive site was Toa Maru which is about a twenty minute boat road and is one of the top World War II shipwrecks to explore in the South Pacific. It was a Japanese transport ship and the dive goes from about 20 feet to 120 feet. I got to speak on the phone and see medical supplies.

VIDEOCome underwater with Dive Gizo and me to the Tao Maru

For lunch, we were treated to an amazing BBQ on the beach. The eggplant and fresh fish cooked with hot stones and steamed with banana leaves was better than any restaurant with four walls. For my dives, I had a private guide and private boat but I ate lunch with five divers from Australia who are also staying at FatBoys Resort. After lunch, we dove at Njari Islands-Grand Central Station and saw several sharks, 2 large barracuda, a school of smaller barracuda and 3 or 4 giant green and blue giant sweet lips. This site gets its name because there are so many fish it is like being at Grand Central Station in New York City. On one single tank dive, 270 different species of fish were identified which makes this site the second highest fish count in the world.

VIDEOAre you ready for the best lunch ever? Motu Lunch with Dive Gizo

After my dives on the way back to Fatboys resort, I visited “Kennedy Island.” During World War II, John F. Kennedy was stationed in the Solomon Islands. His patrol boat (PT 109) was struck by a Japanese ship and sunk. Kennedy and 11 men swam to safety on Kasolo Island which is now called “Kennedy Island.” When you visit you can see artifacts from the war and have a drink in the new Kennedy restaurant and bar.

VIDEO:  Join me to visit Kennedy Island in the Solomon Islands

Kennedy Memorial on Lubaria IslandThere is a brand new monument on Kennedy Island which was installed August 2, 2017. The photo above is the Minister of Culture & Tourism The Honorable Bartholomew Parapolo and Commander Dan Balsinger, United States Senior Defense Official, Defense Attache unveiling the Kennedy monument on Kennedy island in Gizo, the Western Province.

Memorial on Kennedy Island

Kennedy Island Photo by Susan K. Bejeckian

I highly recommend you wake up to enjoy Sunrise while you are in Gizo.

VIDEOWake up for stunning Sunrise in Gizo, Solomon Islands

YES! I do travel with a Hula-Hoop! Everyone asks me about it so I made a video to tell you more….

VIDEOHula Hoop with me in Paradise at Fatboys Resort

Before we left Gizo, Helen and I went to explore the market. Come join us…

VIDEOTime to go to the Market in Gizo Town, Solomon Islands


Thank you to the Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau for arranging my trip and helping me learn about the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Guadalcanal.

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