Lake Louise, Canada: Counting Stars

Lake Louise, Canada: Counting Stars

This was my first big trip abroad and everything seemed to be going wrong. Exhausted after an eight hour flight (and a three hour wait at Heathrow earlier that day) by the time I arrived at Vancouver airport I was ready for the day to be over. But it wasn’t, and would not be over … Continued

Canada: Three Trips to Confederation

There’s one way over the bridge and no stopping till the other side. The first time I was only nine. I watched out the window, saw the blue ocean, the shadows of the clouds, the sides of the bridge rushing by. I imagined people landing on the island at night in canoes and rowboats. The … Continued

Walking With Polar Bears: The Next Great Safari

You can’t drive here; you can’t boat here; you can’t even walk here… you’d be eaten. We’re somewhere in the back end of nowhere, some 300 kilometers from the closest paved road; 1500 kilometers from the nearest Whole Foods. If you cry wolf here, everyone believes you. It’s the third day of a week-long safari. … Continued

Algonquin National Park, Canada: Moose

It was cold. We moved quietly, silently, around the campsite. The morning was barely breathing and the pale grey light held the landscape in suspense. “I’ll go in a canoe with you,” whispered Lucy. Without much need for communication from our leader, we launched the canoes and climbed in. The lake was cold, my legs … Continued

Canada: Child of the Wind

This place is my home. I love it here. I am infatuated with the smooth, curved logs that form the walls of the Ranch House. I am entranced by the cool, fading orange-brown oak of my cabin floor. I am hooked on the smoke that billows from the copper-coloured kitchen. Spider webs, thick glass windows, … Continued

Canada: Tall Towers and Freedom

TORONTO: TOWER TALLER THAN ANY OTHER AND DISCOVERING THE REAL MEANING OF FREEDOM, INDEPENDENCE AND FRIENDSHIP  Written by Dindo Varona In the back seat of the 8-seater Nissan Murano van, was where I patiently anticipated our next stop; it was a nice early July summer day as I see the tower high in the air. … Continued

Italy: How to Relieve Cold Symptoms

After landing in a distinctly European airport—large, with signs in Italian, and with the feel of a train station—we got loaded into a taxi and sped off onto the crazy Roman highway—small cars everywhere. Two women we were sharing the cab with were angry with the driver—apparently he’d been driving them around all over the … Continued

Canada: White Place, White Time.

Bump! The chairlift hits the back of my sleepy legs as it had done a thousand times that season, I sit back on the empty chair and let it pull me to the top. I let my gaze wander over the entire face of the mountain, one side of the chairlift is lined with snow-covered … Continued

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We Said Go Travel