Rajnas see Rhinos!


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In Chitwan National Forest, we went for a morning jungle walk. We saw tiger tracks (photo below) as well as rhino and elephants footprints, rhino scat, and we even saw a peacock fly! Who knew they could do that! A very electric Blue Kingfisher bird flew by us and we saw Barking deer, monkey and TWO RHINO in the morning walk. (photo above) We watched one eating tall grass and the other one was behind the grass but we heard its sounds and saw it walking away!!

We walked on a dirt track and in jungle on dense leaves and twigs. Single file. Guides in front and back of George and I with a stick like a broom. It reminded me of our walk on Rincha Island in Indonesia when we went to see the Komodo dragons and our guide carried a forked stick. Our walk was from 7am-10:30am, we were met at our hotel, Chitwan Gaida Lodge, and we walked to the river. Getting into the canoe took longer than getting across the river, and then  we went walking.

In Sri Lanka, a few summers ago, we went by jeep to see elephants and it was great. I was excited for our afternoon jeep excursion. At 1pm, they gathered seven  tourists and we went again with the canoe, and into the jeep.

We saw two large government elephants on the road, and we saw spotted deer. Our jeep stopped and there in the grass was a large rhino. She seemed to notice us and turn, and the guide said everyone sit down and we LEFT. Our 2nd one (or 4th for the day) was in the water, a bit far from us but it was a lovely spot.

We saw more birds, and the crocodile breeding area. I always thought there crocodiles and alligators but it turns our there is a third branch in the family: gharial-from Nepal and India!  (photo at bottom) During the rest of the afternoon we saw more monkeys, storks, eagles, peahen and peacock flying. We enjoyed the setting, the company, the animals and a lovely sunset.

Lisa Ellen Niver

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