Galactic Rainbow in Hawaii

Mar 22, 2018

Michael Trofimov

How the Photo was Taken

shot using Nikon D5200 with a Tokina 11-16mm lens, This was a 7 image panorama stitched and edited using Photoshop.

Photo Location

Ive been wanting to get a shot like this for a while now and I finally was in the right place at the right time, on top of Haleakala on the Island of Maui in Hawaii where the stars glow super bright with a vibrant milky way arching across the night sky. After watching and shooting the sunset I waited for the light to dwindle away and the stars began to explode overhead brighter than I've ever seen before. Around 11pm it was pitch black and I was ready to shoot the Milky Way.

About the Author

Michael Trofimov

I'm currently a student going for a degree in atmospheric science , currently living in the Portland, Oregon area, who through the love of weather initially took on photography as a way to capture different unique forms of weather. This over time grew into a passion of landscape photography trying to capture the landscape and its interaction with light and atmospheric conditions.

Website :

Twitter : @pnwmiketrof

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