Absence in Spain

Apr 29, 2018

Darya Trush

How the Photo was Taken

I took this photo with an analog camera Nikon FM (50mm).

Photo Location

My choice fell on this photo largely because it perfectly represents the state of mind that every traveler experiences during the trip. Tired, only with the most necessary things in a backpack, not having a specific place for a night or route. It is confusing, but what you feel at those moments is that you do not feel like you belong anywhere. However, it is because you do not have to. You just have to belong in the now. That state, when you forget about everything around, but truly breathe in and observe. This is priceless experience in life. Anyway, this photo was taken during our trip to Barcelona on March, 2017. Me and two friends of mine (one is presented on the photo) were heading to our main destination. In a meantime, we stopped at some beach nearby to Gerona. I do not remember how exactly this place was called. However, it was such a magic moment. Nobody was there, but the sea, that lonely chair and us.

About the Author

Darya Trush

I was born in Kazakhstan in 1995. I finished high school and art lycee over there. Now I'm a student at Academy of Arts in Poznan, Poland (Painting and Drawing Department). I lived in Eugene, Oregon for a year as a FLEX-finalists during my graduation year at high school. I have been taking part in different contest and tournamnets: from cross-country and swim meetings to architecture analysis projects.

Website : https://www.behance.net/trushpetro118c

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