An unexpected home in Spain


There are many ways in which people choose to live their lives- every one of them unique. I didn’t, however, just make the choice to have a distinctive life, but also made a choice to aim to have a remarkable day, every single day.

For all of my adult life, I have been an adventure chaser. Deciding on the spur of the moment that my feet are itching for new experiences, unknown lands, new discoveries and awe- inspiring visions. Some prefer routine, or the assurance of stability that staying in one location has. For me, the passion for pastures new overwhelms me, and the everyday challenge of getting by thrills me.

Although the reasons for my spontaneity cannot be explained, neither is it necessary to have a cause. Wandering paths never walked can be the greatest adventure, and can even cause one to appreciate further the simplicities in life. From the lusciously green rice paddies and hard hitting war tunnels in Vietnam, to publicly speaking to an audience of 8000 Chinese High School students. From living in a cabin amongst nothing but mountainous nature for miles in New York state, to teaching English to those it means the most to see a smiling face; I have felt as though I have contributed towards making a small difference to others’ happiness in my short life, and for this, one can feel accomplished. Yet, through all of these life changing experiences, I have felt a small part of a puzzle missing- a base in which I could become, and feel, complete in myself.

Throughout the past 7 years, my wanderlust has thrusted me into situations beyond my imagination. More recently, my implusive desires have brought me to Europe. I arrived in Valencia, Spain, with the notion of teaching privately here and then moving on; the pattern in which my life tends to follow. This initial idea could not have been further from the truth as, ultimately, I found the haven I didn’t even know I was searching for.

This city, Valencia, has captured my heart, and every day here enthralls me and encourages me to continue along the path towards achieving my dreams. Valencia has made me realise I have chosen a life with no limitations, and the extent of what I can accomplish here has no end. Every day I step out of my door, awash with a feeling of contentment. Being here makes me feel optimistic and motivated day by day, passing through the traditionally Spanish historical centre, brushing by the intricately detailed buildings and into yet another beautifully continental cafe. I realise daily just how much this city inspires me, and how lucky I am to have travelled across many oceans and to have found peace so unexpectedly.

Valencia has a mixture of ultra- modern, futuristic style buildings, but historical architecture reigns the skylines. It is a stunning sight to see. I remember when I first arrived in Valencia almost a year ago and the first interaction I had. It began with “Welcome to Valencia, you will never want to leave”, and this couldn’t ring truer. I am very proud and thankful every single day, to call this city my new home.

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