Tell Them We Were Beautiful in the Philippines


Let’s do something unruly. Let’s get lost in our own selves and brush all the expectations of society aside. I’ll pack the bags and you can swing open the door. We’ll tell everyone where we’ve gone, but they’ll have no way of finding us there. We’ll wander into strange towns with strange buildings and we’ll dawdle down bizarre roads that lead to nowhere but cliffsides. Let’s hang our feet off and ponder why that road was put there to begin with. We’ll create stories of gods, or dragons, or just a lunatic who had nothing else to do but build a road to nowhere. Perhaps he made it for us. Perhaps he, in some feverish dream centuries ago, knew we would find it someday. No one will bother us there: on our secret cliffside. Every place is ours simply because we planted our feet there and only the sound of the wind sharing space with the grass will be our company.

We won’t be alone, though. Never that. We’ll meet many others along the way. We’ll make new best friends from other sides of the world and find true loves that will make us want to live and die; all at the same time. I’ll drink too much unfamiliar wine and you’ll cry about a boy you left behind in our past life. You’ll slowly pick yourself up from the steps you were sitting on and I’ll find my way to the ocean to wash my face. We’ll walk along a beach that no one has bothered to name, creating masterpieces in the sand with each shared step we take.

Let’s be admired for our adventures; our voices shouting loud when we were told that we ought to be silent. We won’t know the meaning of regret nor will we want to. Let’s be remembered for our careless decisions that led us to magical destinations.

They’ll talk about the depth of our smiles. They’ll debate our life choices over their weekly brunch. They’ll all grin with affection when they remember us – thinking about our complete disregard for rules and our courage to dance away. They’ll gaze into the sunlight and wonder where we are, and maybe wish they were there too.

We want to be remembered as those who laughed and loved the way people are supposed to. We want the world to know that we were there and we did something worth living for. We’re going to be great someday. We’re going to be worth talking about.

And if nothing else, they’ll say we were beautiful.
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