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Gratitude according to oxford dictionary is the feeling of being grateful and wanting to express your thanks. Gratitude won’t occur if there was no first occurrence of gratification-The state of feeling pleasure when something goes well for you or when your desires are satisfied. It is that pleasure from a satisfied desire that moves you into showing your gr attitude or makes you become your real self and as a result of that, being driven to your seventh heaven and a t a point like this it is difficult to speak but impossible to be silent.*
You will be overwhelmed that that kind of joyous time or event swallows your pains and at that same time makes you to be short of words. It will just be amazing that you won’t be feeling any other thing a t hat particular time; you will only be feeling like expressing your gratitude. It might as well not be something going well with you or actualization of dreams or wishes but being with positive people- people that influence your life directly or indirectly, knowingly or unknowingly.
It might as well be as a result of being in a special background, field, room or seat that moves you into having sober reflection and realizing your elf or somewhere that makes you see things beyond imagination and expectation, a place that makes you realize your potentials, a place that allows you to standing up for yourself, your place of freedom, a place that whenever you steps into wipes away your pains, failure and flaws and gives you a new memory of self-realization, shows you your potentials that will help you conquer your dreams with realities, conquer your failure with success and your pains with gratitude- feeling or wanting to express your thanks to nature or those particular people that drives you into such state of satisfaction and self-realization.
Am most able to be my real self and stand up for myself anytime am emotionally up, anytime am in good emotions. Sometimes it happens at home, sometimes it happens when am with some friends, sometimes it happens when am reading or writing an article like his r when am surfing through the internet reading some things.
Sometimes when am emotionally down I visits some of my friends at street, some of which bombards my emotions and feelings to its peak by raising a discussion about technologies, education or great achievement by some people and hereby indirectly helping me in realization of ma dreams, so being with people like these inspires me to feel strong and hopeful.
Whenever am in a quiet place reading articles or magazines about technologies, due to my aspirations towards it, no matter how low my emotions and spirit is I must be moved into realizing my real self and knowing that I can achieve all those things if I stand up for myself. It is something that lifts my spirit and makes me desire to stand tall among my mates and friends.
Sometimes I realize my real self when I travel out of my hometown or state. Whenever I travel to a place like Lagos State where I see my mates with great aspirations and achievements it drives me into dreaming and having sober reflection, it makes me realize my potentials and shows me beyond my real self even beyond ma expectations and it makes me conquer my dreams with realities. It also makes me realize my weaknesses because for you to realize and become your real self you must realize and fix your flaws, only ten you would be able to put into maximum use your potentials. It makes me visualize and discover a great lot of things.
Lastly, I also feel my real self anytime I participates and wins in competitions like this, it gives me encouragement in discovering my real identity and also bombarding me into showing gratitude to God Almighty.

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