Safari time in South Africa

Safari time in South Africa

When people hear the words ‘South Africa,’ the first thing that comes to mind most of the time is safari. Travellers who visit South Africa often do not leave without joining in on one or more safari tours. As they say, you have not really experienced South Africa until you join in on a safari … Continued

London Callings: Originality counts?

Originality Counts? London is a city that has been wildly saturated by the global world. The five block radius around my apartment had no less than five starbucks, two pret-a-mangers, two Massimo Duttis, two Ranoush Juices, and I could go on for days. Its almost as much of a transplanted cultural dumping ground as Dubai … Continued

Portugal: Land of Pure Delight

by Terrance Richardson  The mention of this beautiful country conjures up images of white sandy beaches, great food, and adventure around every corner just waiting to be discovered.         Lisbon Considered a top destination by many, Lisbon is home to some of the top tourist destinations in Portugal. Gothic cathedrals, monasteries, and … Continued

New Nomads: My Life Before and After Travel (video)

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I first spoke about my round-the-world trip to We Said Go Travel! I had just come back from a solo adventure providing work exchange (a form of volunteering where I worked for local hosts in exchange for food and lodging) for the entire year of 2011, and … Continued

If You’re Traveling in the North Country Fair… Part 1

  Even though few therapists would agree, sometimes neglect paths to the best possible outcome. Such is the case with the Adirondacks, whose fierce geography, unproductive soil, and hard weather diverted early American settlers to more benign plots. As a result, a state of raw wilderness maintained into the 19th century. Some credit the turning … Continued

Extreme Wine Regions

There are the classic wine-making regions: the Rhône Valley, Chianti, Douro and many more. Prestige has often dictated that the most famous and respected vineyards lie within a relatively small corner of Western Europe, with notable exceptions. However, grapes are being grown in some seemingly inhospitable climates and strange locations all over the world. These … Continued

Best US Road Trips

Think of the USA and you think of road trips, whether it’s Thelma and Louise, On the Road, Easy Rider, the life-changing journey made in The Grapes of Wrath or even the goody-baddy buddies like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid or Bonnie and Clyde. They’re all on road trips of one kind or another. … Continued

The Real Sharm El Sheikh

It’s hard to imagine that twenty years ago, this thronging resort town was a windswept desert settlement, populated by nomadic Bedouin tribes and dominated by a vast, starred sky. The sky remains in Sharm El Sheikh and so do the Bedouin, but it takes a bit of digging to get past the tourist bars, entertainment … Continued

The Urban Jewel in Tenerife’s Crown

Tenerife is not the kind of place you would associate with going on a city break but the largest island in the Canaries boasts the stunning city of La Laguna. A UNESCO World Heritage City since 1999, it has undergone extensive work in the past few years to become a lively, cultural, modern city that … Continued

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