Where the World Meets

Where the World Meets

AMMAN. ALEXANDRIA. ATHENS. ANCHORAGE. I hate to fly. Take-offs are especially nerve racking for me. Yet, airports are my sweet spot. I drop my responsibilities, doubts and burdens at long-term parking, give a slight nod of acknowledgment to the sliding glass doors that part to welcome me, and breathe a contented sigh as I waltz … Continued

Montana, America: Cowgirl Yoga

Yeehaw Namaste: Adventure and Peace in the American West The Last Best Place My first morning in Montana, I awoke to guttural, almost prehistoric, squawks outside my window. I bolted upright and slid my sleeping mask to my forehead. Our yoga teacher had closed our Vinyasa practice the night before with a warning: over-zealous songbirds … Continued

Colorado: An Afternoon in the Sun

An Afternoon in the Sun in Colorado I’ve spent many a summer in London. I’ve enjoyed a spring or two in Paris. I’ve had the pleasure of a few overnights in Cabo San Lucas, San Diego, Rapid City, Grand Canyon, and Disney World. Of all the places my feet have walked, I am always happiest … Continued

San Francisco For The Freeman

My mother was born in 1926 to immigrant parents and was the first girl in our family to be born an American citizen and a resident of the San Francisco. I had lived in the San Francisco bay area my whole life and not once realized the freedom and opportunities that were at my feet. … Continued

Sky Symphony in Fairbanks, Alaska

I was standing on a snow-crusted field outside of Fairbanks, Alaska staring at the dancing shimmer of lights, the Aurora Borealis, in the nighttime sky. The lights spoke directly to me. They moved, surrounded, caressed, freed me from my body, then invited me to join their cosmic ballet. I was overwhelmed. Tears of joy iced … Continued

America: Finding the Center of Two Revolutions

Bill and I have been RVing across North America, free to be where we want to be, do what we want to do. Concord, Massachusetts was not part of our itinerary but the Millers, Bills friends, invited us to visit with them. Am I glad we did! Doug showed us how the city was the … Continued

New Mexico: Freedom On The Ground

Just outside the town of Truth or Consequences, in southern New Mexico, there’s a spaceport designed for taking tourists into outer space. Called Spaceport America, the state-of-the-art facility isn’t ready for launching wannabe astronauts into the cosmos just yet. But once it is, perhaps in late 2013 or early 2014, regular folks will be able … Continued

America: Independence on the Interstate

I have no fear of flying. I just don’t love it. I find it disorienting to board a plane in one city and land in another, having missed all the landscape and all the people in between. Give me a roadtrip in America any day. When I made the decision to move from Portland, Oregon … Continued

Gloaming in the Mountains of West Virginia

I was a speck on the vast stretch of land sweeping out around me. Tall grasses undulated across the flats and up the hills before seeming to spill back down the other side. Clouds, purple streaks clinging to the last color of the sun’s light, whisked across the darkening sky. In every direction mountainous peaks … Continued

Barefoot Freedom: Redwood Trees in California

Barefoot Freedom: Climbing Redwood Trees in Santa Cruz, California by Amberly Young The sun has just set and a soft blue glow radiates from the heart of the forest. My feet are bare and I feel the moist earth beneath my soles. These trees are hundreds of years old, I think to myself as I … Continued

We Said Go Travel

We Said Go Travel