Nokia: Sharing Our Lumia 925 Photos

Nokia: Sharing Our Lumia 925 Photos

From Nokia: Our Trial a Nokia programme has been a source of much experience, comparison, inspiration and FUN for a number of years now. Whether you’re reviewing for a tech blog or it’s your first time using a Nokia phone ever, we love to see and share the stories and experiences that come from it. In the … Continued

Arkansas: Courageous Little Rock Nine

There’s nothing as awesome as courage When we think of an awe-inspiring travel site, the mind immediately begins to visualize images of the Grand Canyon; somewhere lofty from which mere mortals can, for a few moments, look on the vista ahead as if we had just finished creating it. That’s perfectly legitimate but for me, … Continued

George is a Chalkboard Champion!

George Rajna: The Chalkboard Champion Who Promotes Multi-Cultural Awareness Many hardworking educators give unselfishly to causes near and dear to their hearts, and chalkboard champion George Kenneth Rajna is a fine example of this. George is an elementary school teacher, bilingual speech and language pathologist, Peace Corps volunteer, musician, and travel writer who has traveled … Continued

Virginia: The Mid-Lothian Mines

History off the Beaten Path – The Mid-Lothian Mines For visitors to Richmond, the capital city of Virginia, there’s lot to do – museums, history tours, shows, restaurants. But I’ve always liked to travel off the beaten path to find the places not on the tourist brochures. If you’re like me, wanting to see those … Continued

The Slow Travel Movement

Travel, of course, suggests movement, and adventure implies a well-planned trip gone wrong; yet when my partners and I started Sobek Expeditions, back in 1973, it was a radical departure from the typical travel provider train station, something perhaps akin to the Glacier Express, which bills itself as the slowest express train in the world. … Continued

My Trip to Yosemite

When I was in third grade, we had to do a report on a landform in the United States. I spent days trying to think of a topic. At the age of nine, I really didn’t know what the world was like. Of course, I’ve seen programs on the nature channel about national parks, but … Continued

Employee Speak: eBay’s Outsourcing Operations in India

Employee Speak: eBay’s Outsourcing Operations in India Most Americans were understandably outraged when they lost their jobs to Indians in the early 2000s due to the infamous Business Process Outsourcing culture (BPO). Meanwhile, urban Indians just out of college took home huge pay checks their parents never saw in all their working life. The price however, … Continued

Adios Los Angeles, Hola Panama

  Adios Los Angeles, Hola Panama! (from our latest news) Being in Los Angeles for our family event (Koby’s Bar Mitzvah) was wonderful. We were fortunate to spend time with our relatives and share in a special celebration. We also saw many friends and had a fantastic live event at Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel. We … Continued

Confessions: Teacher or Traveler?

Thank you to the Huffington Post for sharing my story: Why So Many of America’s Teachers Are Leaving The Profession John Owens in his book, Confessions of a Bad Teacher, shares that “America’s public school teachers are being loudly and unfairly blamed for the failure of our nation’s public schools.” As a 2012 nominee for the … Continued

Spain and Illinois: Home and back again

Some people would say that I live in vacationland. Sunny Spain…where the climate rarely disappoints you with a rainy day. History and culture, sun and sand or wine and tapas are your short list of free-time activities. Europe awaits out the back door. If I had unlimited “me” time and equally endless funds, I’d be … Continued

We Said Go Travel

We Said Go Travel