USA: Towpath Trail Adventures

USA: Towpath Trail Adventures

On Easter Sunday, 2013, my husband and I began our 110ish-mile trek from Cleveland, Ohio, south to New Philadelphia on the old Ohio-Erie Canal towpath trail. I was writing a book about an 1840’s mule driver, and wanted to replicate his journey. Somewhat. I’m fifty years old. I hadn’t backpacked for twenty-five years. And I was … Continued

Prevention Magazine: “Go For It” with Lisa Niver Rajna

Thank you to Prevention Magazine for including me in their “Go For It” section for January 2014! “Staying active is my passport to adventure.” Lisa Niver Rajna, 45 Teacher, travel writer When the travel industry went into a tailspin after 9/11, I lost my job as a senior assistant cruise director. Heartbroken over the fact that my … Continued

Seven New Years Together: Love, Celebrate, Grow

Arriving to the upscale restaurant dressed up and excited to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Puerto Rico, we were shocked when the maître d’ blurted, “You are late but we will seat you.” Our expectation was that our 8:00 p.m. dinner would lead to hours of frivolity in Old San Juan; however, from the moment … Continued

HuffPost: Do Good Teachers and Travelers need Secure Attachment?

After reading Confessions of a Bad Teacher, I wrote an article called “Why So Many of America’s Teachers Are Leaving the Profession,” which had received over 1450 likes and over 50 comments in the HuffPost50. My next article in HuffPost Education was called Secure Attachment: Do Good Teachers Need It? about the same book and … Continued

Spanish Moss and Ghosts: Savannah, Georgia

By Judith La Porte Savannah, Georgia – picturesque, charming, immersed in history and haunted. A pleasant drive from Atlanta where my daughter, Amy is currently living, it is a place I had always longed to visit. Like many others I was fascinated by the depiction of the elegant and eccentric Savannahians in John Berendt’s 1994 … Continued

My Santa Cruise

We slowly made our way into the park in Jeremy’s dashing Toyota Prius. We were welcomed by a huge white board with the inscription “Santa Cruz Beach BOARD WALK” at the entrance. I took a picture in front of the sign, striking a very fashionable pose with my feet crossed over the other. My excitement … Continued

NYC: Women’s Travel Fest March 8, 2014

Women’s Travel Fest 2014 The Women’s Travel Fest is a one-day event on International Women’s Day March 8, 2014 that will inspire you to take on the world and find more meaning in your travels. Been thinking about traveling but feel intimidated? Want to get passionate about finding your place in the world? Hoping to … Continued

HuffPost: Do You Love Your Money?

While reading Money: A Love Story by Kate Northrup, I really thought about my relationship to my finances. I did not think my money needed love or attention but she says it is time to take “responsibility for our money, our stories and our lives.” Although I have always felt in charge of my working life, I … Continued

We Said Go Travel

We Said Go Travel