Healthy Habits on the Road

Healthy Habits on the Road

Backpacking around the globe is a tough job but someone’s gotta do it. On a slightly more serious note however, I find it is super easy to fall into bad habits while  travelling, especially if you’re on a tight budget. Staying in a small hostel in the middle of say, Bangkok, is not very conducive … Continued

Antarctica Feature: Part 2 – Will I Be Bored on the Ship?

(through the porthole – onboard the Ocean Diamond en route to Antarctica) If you ask someone what frustrates them most about their daily life, chances are they will respond with “there are not enough hours in the day”.  Ironically, when that same person prepares for an expedition cruise to Antarctica, chances are one of their … Continued

Gorilla Ambassadors

Photographs by Scott and Leja DeLisi High atop a narrow ridge in the Bufumbira Mountains, the visitor reception centre was bathed in the first rays of sunlight. Outside the walls were washed with an orange patina and after years of rainswept erosion the buildings had become raised on their foundations. Half a dozen Uganda Wildlife … Continued

A Thailand Underwater Dream at the Similan Islands

After getting our open water and advanced certifications last year, we fell absolutely in love with scuba diving. The underwater world opened up an entire new universe for us to explore and we had so much ground to cover. We had dozens of new items on our travel bucket list and the top dive sites in … Continued

The Art of Financially Sustainable Travel

Would you like to chuck it all in to travel the world full-time? Perhaps more moderately, would you like to take a long-term vacation, career break, gap year, or sabbatical? Let me guess…one of the biggest things stopping you from doing it is money. It is for most of us. But it is possible to … Continued

Backpacks of Love Delivered in Bali!

Every July, for the past 5 years, Retta Jitner and volunteers from America and Bali have been distributing uniforms and backpacks full of school supplies to children on the island of Bali. Loretta’s charity, Pencils for Kids, Inc. ( is based in Los Angeles and is dedicated to providing needy school-aged children with the basics … Continued

Costa Rica: The Osa Peninsula

I had the great good fortune in 1993 to photograph several areas of Costa Rica for the Costa Rican Tourist Board (ICT).  Among my destinations was Corcovado National Park in the Osa Peninsula, one of the last untouched rain forests in Central America. I first visited the country in 1978, and when I returned in … Continued

A Journey on Lake Nasser

We’d reached the town of Wadi Halfa in the northern Sudan when a humid wind hit the overland truck.  While traveling through the desert avoiding the impassable banks of the Nile, we were astonished when the breeze suddenly felt moist. I understood that Lake Nasser must be close.  This body of water, created by the … Continued

The Stone Spheres of Isla del Caño

In the early 90s I was assigned by the Costa Rican Tourist Board to photograph a large swath of the country for their glossy tourist brochures.  The area of the country that interested me greatly was the Osa Peninsula.  Here, I had heard, were to be found amazing artifacts dotted throughout the jungle; stone spheres, … Continued

We Said Go Travel

We Said Go Travel