The Great Mid West, Australia

 The hot wind lashed against my face as the bike raced up the wide open highway.  I’d been in fifth gear for 30 miles now, and the radiating engine singed the hairs on my leg.  We were hoping to reach Kalbarri by nightfall, but we were already under a ripe mango sky. Anna and I … Continued

Monsoon Magic in India

I have been warned about peacocks going crazy during monsoon season, but on this early June morning, I could not have imagined a louder or stranger sound as the one that awakes me. Soon enough, the door opens, and my host, the beloved grandmother of a dear college friend, urges me to my feet with … Continued

Thursday in Ethiopia

It is Thursday. We are in Ethiopia, a falling-down bearing-up sort of place where every day, it seems, is a story. Even today, when there is nothing for us to do but walk to the main road in search of a mobile card for my cheap borrowed cell phone. We walk through the alley, itself … Continued

Oh, Summer Days in the Algarve

I’ve been toying with the idea of living abroad over the summer. The idea sprang into my mind last year as the dreaded winter approached. Luckily, we’ve been blessed with one of the warmest winters that I can remember- and a total of a week of snow on the ground. Now that spring is gleefully … Continued

Industrial Revelation in the UK

Inspiration. That’s easy, isn’t it? Eating the freshest sushi that Tokyo has to offer. Feeling the cleansing spray of Iceland’s mighty Gulfoss waterfall on your face. Watching a rainbow arc over New York City from the top of the Empire State. Each pretty inspiring, in their own way. All of them I’ve done and consider … Continued

When Pondicherry Missed a Cyclone

A Very Severe Cyclonic Storm named Thane clobbered the former French vestige of Pondicherry (India) on the 29th and 30th of December, 2011. Ninety year-olds swore they never witnessed a fury this violent and hysterical. There was no systematic tracking of the course the killer was about to take, and apparently everyone just knew that was a … Continued

Getting lost in time in Indonesia.

“I’ll show you beautiful, unspoiled Simbuang, “Stanis assures me. He is an anthropologist who hails from Toraja, Indonesia and has helped me interview mothers of young infants, several To Pakianak (traditional midwives) and bidans (contemporary midwives), and To Minah Tato Dena, a spiritual leader of the people who practice Aluk to Dolo, the religion of … Continued

We Said Go Travel

We Said Go Travel