Huffington Post: George on Guitaleles

 George recently had the great pleasure to talk about his passion on the Huffington Post blog:  playing music and the Guitalele. Musical backpackers often encounter the same question when it comes to bringing their instrument on their travels. Do you opt for a full size guitar or a compact ukele? Well, how about a guitalele! … Continued

The Cayman Islands: Fifty Shades of Bay Part 2

From here I wind back to the western side of the island, to Lighthouse Point, to meet Nancy Easterbrook, the fire behind a critical ecological initiative in the Caribbean: Eat a fish; Save the fish. Nancy, who is managing partner of Divetech, says in recent years the beautiful Indo-Pacific lionfish, studded with toxin-tipped spines, has … Continued

Worcester: Where I Belong

Ever since I was young, I never truly felt like I belonged anywhere. I made friends in the small area of Pennsylvania that I lived and it wasn’t a horrible place in any way, yet I always felt like I was a foreigner in my own country. When I began looking for colleges to attend … Continued

Teaching in India: The Best Year of Your Life?

BOOK REVIEW: May This Be The Best Year of Your Life Sandra Bornstein faces choices: Will she stay in her home in Colorado alone or find a new job on another continent? Her husband’s new job requires him to live part time in India. She must make a decision that might rattle the rest of … Continued

The Art of Financially Sustainable Travel

Would you like to chuck it all in to travel the world full-time? Perhaps more moderately, would you like to take a long-term vacation, career break, gap year, or sabbatical? Let me guess…one of the biggest things stopping you from doing it is money. It is for most of us. But it is possible to … Continued

Nile River Cookies: Travel Tips Learned While Baking

On our current tour of Egypt, some members of our group asked for home-baked cookies. We were sailing up the Nile aboard our private cruise ship, the Afandina, so I asked our chef to take care of it. Since individual requests happen often (everything from raw food to vegetarian to a personalized birthday cake) I … Continued

Will you Answer the Call?

Answer the Call! In Chetan Bhagat’s One Night at the Call Center, six Indian coworkers share their life stories while working together during one night at Connexions. Due to their hours, the story begins with Shyam Mehra (Sam Marcy) missing a family wedding. Over the course of the narrative, each team member reveals various secrets, … Continued

Remembering Ravi Shankar

In November of 1987, in need of another adventure to ancient and exotic territory, I made a snap decision to accompany my friend Jewels, a designer of antique tribal jewelry, on her semi-annual buying trip to India.  Though I have always preferred traveling alone, I had a feeling Jewels would make a great travel companion.  She … Continued

The Cayman Islands: Fifty Shades of Bay Part 1

Over the years I’ve caressed many of the Caribbean gems, but never a set like the Cayman Islands. An accident of geography and geology, the three coral islands, cursed with terrible soil, minimal terrestrial relief, no rivers or lakes, but a bask of crocodiles, was not settled by the Caribs, Arawaks, Tainos, or any other … Continued

We Said Go Travel

We Said Go Travel