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Can We Make America Great Again Together?

I believe we really can make America great again. And we can decisively begin in just a few days, if all of us — both Republican and Democrat — commit to it wholeheartedly by putting country before party, listening to our deepest conscience, and reclaiming the values that have eroded in recent years. Specifically, we … Continued

Birthday Wishes We Said Go Travel News Oct 2020

Oct News 2020 with We Said Go Travel: Due to COVID-19 pandemic, I have been in Los Angeles since March 9, 2020. That is 234 days. I have to say that my birthday this month was much better than I expected. Thank you to all of the friends and family who called, sent text messages and … Continued


Make your voice count and be heard. VOTE NOW in the USA Presidential Election. It is important to participate and exercise your right to choose. As @VisitLA4Locals says: ‘You may not love the choices, but you don’t have to. It’s not your soul mate or life partner. It is your obligation as a citizen to … Continued

Women Do Need A Lab of Their Own with Rita Colwell

Thank you to Thrive Global for publishing my article, “Women Do Need A Lab of Their Own with Rita Colwell.” In “A Lab of One’s Own: One Woman’s Personal Journey Through Sexism in Science,” Rita Colwell shares her six decade journey of incredible science, discoveries and sexism.  Colwell changed the world with her work to … Continued

For The People: Kamala Harris

Thank you to Thrive Global for publishing my article about Kamala Harris. Kamala Harris, the Democratic vice presidential nominee for the 2020 election, was the first female district attorney of San Francisco and served as the Attorney General of California. She has a history of breaking barriers as she is only the second female African … Continued

Los Angeles Teens Changing the World: Tikkun Olam

Last year, I was honored to participate as a mentor in The Julie Beren Platt Teen Innovation Grants which are part of the ​Jewish Federation of Los Angeles’ LA Jewish Teen Initiative (LAJTI).  During LAJTI’s 5th year, 42 teens participated in 16 projects. I was even able to TEAM TEEN MENTOR with Jonah Platt and Michelle Cait. … Continued

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