Naharayim – a Paradigm of the Mideast Conflict

Our 3rd visit to Israel was shorter than our previous trips. It was a 3-day stopover that was part of a Mediterranean cruise.  With only two days at the Ashdod port, we chose to spend one night in Jerusalem and return to memorable sites around Jerusalem. We spent the second night aboard the ship as it … Continued

Lisa & George on Meet Plan Go

Featured on Meet Plan Go: Not All Who Wander Are Lost

In 2008, my then-boyfriend George and I took a year-long sabbatical. In the first month of that trip, we went to the Nomads Hostel in Auckland, New Zealand. The tagline of the hostel was “Nomads: Not all who wander are Lost!” I took a deep breath and thought, “maybe, I will survive this adventure.” Although I … Continued

Miami Beach

Top 10 Things to do in Miami Beach

Relish the restored Art Deco neighbourhoods and dazzling night life in this small, but action-packed, resort town. In fact, the hardest part of visiting Miami Beach is deciding what to do next! If you’re flying from Gatwick, check out valet parking at Gatwick for competitive parking prices! 1. New World Centre Designed by controversial architect … Continued

The Cayman Islands: Fifty Shades of Bay Part 3

The hours melt away as I snorkel the brilliant reefs, hike the filigreed interior, draw figures in the sand, collect lovely shells, even paddle around the island in a leaky plastic kayak. I finish reading my one book, Explorers of the Nile, and then stare at a palm tree. I come to admit I’m bored. … Continued

Book Review : Love at the Speed of Email

In Lisa McKay’s book, Love at the Speed of Email, the themes of home, hope, passion and purpose resonate throughout her choices of dating, career and family. McKay shares poignant moments of being on the road from her childhood in Bangladesh to working in Zimbabwe and weaves her work world, writing and search for meaning into her quest … Continued

Inspiration: A Place You Love

From Frankly Penn: When I became a student at Penn, my parents recommended that I take classes from many departments. “Don’t specialize too early,” they said. I am glad I listened, because many of the classes I took led me to new ideas, new friends, and new places as I studied Hebrew while at the … Continued

A trip through Andalusia

The Andalusia area of Spain takes its name from the Arabic Al-Andalus, reflecting seven centuries of Muslim rule beginning in the 7th century CE. However, this portion of southern Spain was likewise shaped by Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans and Visigoths prior to the Moors, as well as the native Iberians, not to mention the Christians who … Continued

A Thailand Underwater Dream at the Similan Islands

After getting our open water and advanced certifications last year, we fell absolutely in love with scuba diving. The underwater world opened up an entire new universe for us to explore and we had so much ground to cover. We had dozens of new items on our travel bucket list and the top dive sites in … Continued

We Said Go Travel

We Said Go Travel