Frank and Judi 1963 Wedding

Fifty Years of Adventure: Creating Your Own Blue Zone

Thank you to Women’s Adventure Magazine for sharing my parent’s love story for their Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary. Living to one hundred years old in great health sounds like a scam. Why do some struggle through their years in poor health with little enjoyment, while others enjoy the adventure of life? Even more befuddling, certain people … Continued

Myanmar: Monywa Disneyland of Buddhas (video)

WATCH: 21 Thanboddhay Pagoda, Monywa the Disneyland of Buddhas, Myanmar (Burma) About 20km South-east of Monywa in Myanmar is Thanboddhay Pagoda has over 500,000 Buddha images. It was built built from 1939 to 1952. Between the colors and the style it looks like a cross between Pastel Disneyland and a giant birthday cake. It was near the Standing Buddha … Continued

Virginia: Riverside Park on the Mount Vernon Trail

Some people find freedom by traveling all across the world, from one continent to another continent, and one ocean to another ocean. Yet, for me, all it takes is a three hour drive down from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Lynchburg, Virginia to find freedom. I discovered Riverside Park on the Mount Vernon Trail with my girlfriend, … Continued

Alcanada beach, Spain

Spain: Discovering Alcudia

Discovering Alcudia – where to go for the best scenery and most interesting sites Situated in the northern part of Majorca, the municipality of Alcudia has built a reputation as one of the most family friendly holiday resorts that Spain has to offer. Tourists can gain a lot from a visit – sunny beaches, a … Continued

Richard Bangs Quests Wins TWO Telly Awards

Our Travel Writing Contest Judge, Richard Bangs, recently won TWO TELLY AWARDS! Congrats Richard! From Richard’s Site: The Telly Awards has honored White Nile Media with the top award for Cinematography (Silver),  and the Bronze in Travel/Tourism programing in the 34th Annual Telly Awards for the production entitled Richard Bangs’ South America: Quest for Wonder. With nearly 11,000 entries from all 50 states and … Continued

Santa Barbara, California: The Place I feel Free!

Everybody wants to feel independent. Everyone has their place that they feel that once in a life time feeling. Well, that place for me is the outstanding Santa Barbara, California. I love the feel of freedom that just overcomes me when I get to look at the beautiful beaches and the clear, blue sky. Feeling … Continued

Savoring Samui

Sawadeekah from Thailand! Hello from Koh Samui. We are at Meedej Guest house with a large balcony directly over the sand and we can hear the waves through our two sliding glass doors. The spacious room is cooled by cross breezes and a fan and is a mere 500Baht ($17usd). We have been here for the last three weeks and we … Continued

Australia: The Climb

Australia: The Climb My neck hurts from looking up so much. “It’s high,” I whisper to my husband standing next to me. “It is,” he says more confidently than me. My shaking hand grips the cold metal rebar and I start to climb a tree that is higher than Niagara Falls, a twenty story building … Continued

Freedom: Released from Jail, Day One

An excerpt from Desperado’s Wife: A Memoir by Amy Friedman Elton I can still feel the churning pleasure I felt as I anticipated the day of Elton’s release. The idea of leading someone out, of driving someone to his freedom was the first real pleasure I’d felt in years, the first day after too many … Continued

Move Peru to the Top of Your Travel List

Peru is one of the world’s most beautiful and inspiring countries in the world, combining incredible mountainous terrain with rich jungle, arid desert and fascinating pre-Columbian ruins. The country has everything a traveller could ever desire, with world-famous tourist spots like Machu Picchu, breath-taking hikes, unique cuisine and fantastic opportunities for extreme sports. If Peru … Continued

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