Myanmar: Bagan Day One (video)

WATCH: 24 Bagan Day One, Myanmar (Burma) This movie is one of 45 movies from our 27 days in Burma in October 2012. On our first night in Bagan, we walked from Winner Guesthouse to see Hilo Milo at night. It was spectacular at night and we loved that the shopping was closed and there were … Continued

Pakistan: The Magical Valley of Naran

It was five in the morning and the soft sun beams had slowly started transcending over everything, bringing to life the amazing manifestations of natural beauty that were plunged in darkness a while ago. The black sky that was adorned with shining jewels at night gradually turned awesome as the Creator brushed it with hues … Continued

Himalayas: Devi Darshan

It had rained all through the night and though the dawn opened dull and damp, as the morning gained momentum, the mood of the mountain improved substantially. The steep rise to the ridge through a bridle path bordered with prickly bushes and punctuated by silvery streams had taken a toll on my city-bred system used … Continued

Rediscovering Freedom in North Korea

North Korea and freedom. Do they belong in the same sentence? One would think not. Yet, the time I spent there could not have better illuminated what independence and freedom truly mean. In 2008 I had the good fortune to spend 48 hours in Pyongyang performing with the New York Philharmonic. As an American traveling … Continued

Italy: 51 over 11 under 4 in 182

Turning 51 after flying over 11 states during the Air Race Classic under 4 days in a C182 R Skylane II Whilst learning to fly in California at 38, I realized that not only age didn’t matter when following one’s dreams, but also that availability of information and access to role models did matter and … Continued

Burundi: Finding Freedom in a War-Torn Country

It’s odd to think of being free in a country that is still recovering from civil war. When comparing the highly developed, technological culture of the United States to the under-developed subsistence farming culture of Burundi, however, there is a kind of freedom. Freedom from returning emails because the Internet is down. Freedom from returning … Continued

India: Trek For Milam Glacier

Trekking for Milam Glacier and Nanda Devi East Base Camp, India were my dream trek, which now come true. One chilly morning I headed to Pithoragarh, which is a beautiful place where I spent night. Next morning I left to Munsyari. Route was blessed with lots of waterfalls, as the rain season just ended. 4 … Continued

Myanmar: Finding Love in Shwedagon Paya

28-Day Road Adventures in Myanmar: “Finding Love in Shwedagon Paya” Myanmar is a vast exotic country with old heritage, unique culture, a variety of golden and white pagodas, a very friendly local population, and even sports fine white sand beaches.  Highlights include the amazing temples that dot the extensive plains of Bagan, the cool climate and … Continued

Tanzania: Finding Freedom on The Road

The cold breeze ruffled my hair as we wound our way down into the valley. I pulled my scarf tighter around my neck, grateful for my gloves. Dawn was breaking, the sun turning the morning around me varying shades of gold and pink and, as I shivered in my seat, I thought of how very … Continued

Uganda: Wild and Free

UGANDA: WILD AND FREE by Bettina Gantsweg Two guides slash a path through branches with huge machetes, another treks behind lugging a shotgun, and we eight adventurers follow. Words crackle over their radios—“Keep going—six—moving fast.” I shove scratchy branches out of my face—thorns piercing my hands, and continue slogging through slush, tripping over vines. The … Continued

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