Switzerland: Hiking the Eiger Trail

Change sneaks up on you, each tiny increment like the wings of a hummingbird, hovering with seemingly invisible forward and back strokes near 80 times per second, until finally the bird lifts and soars away. But hummingbirds don’t hover at Jungfraujoch, the icy top of Europe that sits between the Mönch and Jungfrau mountains in … Continued

Barefoot Freedom: Redwood Trees in California

Barefoot Freedom: Climbing Redwood Trees in Santa Cruz, California by Amberly Young The sun has just set and a soft blue glow radiates from the heart of the forest. My feet are bare and I feel the moist earth beneath my soles. These trees are hundreds of years old, I think to myself as I … Continued

America: Our Freedom

To me, feeling free means escaping the daily struggle of life in America. The daily expenses, the daily stress at work, the daily drama. But curling into a ball, hiding inside, or going ‘crazy’ spending money on materialistic nonsense is no escape. My particular escape is when I find myself breathing heavy, feeling my legs … Continued

True Weight Loss Story: Diets in Review

Thank you to Dani Stone for her article about my True Weight Loss Journey in Diets in Review. Lisa Niver Rajna is a member of the prestigious Traveler’s Century Club, a unique group limited to travelers who have visited 100 or more countries. She enjoys trekking to new locales so much, she even co-authors a … Continued

Exploring the English County of Kent

Kent, or The Garden of England as it’s known, is the most South-Easterly county in England. As the nickname implies, it boasts a stunning, lush landscape full of orchards and green fields. It’s not party central but if you’re like the majority of people, you’ll want to actually relax and de-stress on your well earned break … Continued

Ireland: Land of the Horse

Unbridled Freedom in the Hills of Connaught I journeyed to Ireland to explore the Land of the Horse from the saddle. I have spent every day of my life with horses; nothing compares to the joy of riding. It is a euphoric experience that offers a freedom all its own. Traveling through Galway towards my … Continued

California Back Road: Quatal Canyon

There are places I’ve been to that are out of time. Places that are imbued with spirit, and although man has touched it with roads and trails, it remains itself and deeply authentic, a place that takes me back in time. This is what I am drawn to, what I hunger for. To drop down … Continued

India: Lost and Found in Mumbai

LOST AND FOUND IN MUMBAI By Arti Agarwal I was an oilfield engineer; the kind who wear muddy, greasy coveralls, work with hefty tools in the sun and the rain, have big degrees from an IIT (Indian Institute of Technology), work on five computers all at the same time, monitor data from the earth in … Continued

South Africa: The ‘Berg

Two years ago I boarded a plane by myself to South Africa. I ignored my friends who called me crazy, and as much as I appreciated the concern from my family, I did not hesitate when I pressed the confirm flight button. Two weeks later, I found myself staring out the airplane window, minutes before … Continued

Awka in Nigeria: A Good Place of Independence

Awka in Nigeria: A Good Place of Independence Introduction Independence is to be free from outside control; not subjected to another’s authority. Awka is a good place that worth being because of the benefits attributed to it. All who travelled there for holidays testified and are still testifying on the good platform of the area. … Continued

We Said Go Travel

We Said Go Travel