Gloaming in the Mountains of West Virginia

I was a speck on the vast stretch of land sweeping out around me. Tall grasses undulated across the flats and up the hills before seeming to spill back down the other side. Clouds, purple streaks clinging to the last color of the sun’s light, whisked across the darkening sky. In every direction mountainous peaks … Continued

Malaysia: First Visit to Kuala Lumpur

The Air Asia Flight from Kolkata, India to Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia was comfortable and uneventful As this flight took of late it got dark and nothing was visible outside. After flying for approximately three and half hours I suddenly saw a vast area of dazzling lights amidst the pitch-black surroundings. From about twenty thousand feet high … Continued

Israel: Dig

I belong to a family of preachers and teachers—all workaholics–but inside people. My strength is in my willpower and verbal skills, not my physical abilities. Joining the City of David archeological excavation in Jerusalem, Israel, after my junior year of college was completely out of character. Keith, my boyfriend, a recent history graduate and a … Continued

Negara, Bali – Land of exiles and daughters

An obscure village of 200,000 on the west coast of Bali, Negara is where my father was born. It is a country of fertile paddies that climb hills in elegant, terraced steps and spread out seemingly forever until they kiss the sea. I had only heard its name mentioned a handful of times. In idle … Continued

Europe: Unique Winter Experiences

Four Unique Winter Experiences in Europe There’s something about traveling in Europe during the winter months that is quite unlike anything else I’ve experienced. There are those that utterly despise winter because of the uncomfortable temperatures and short days (which is understandable) but contrary to popular belief, a trip to Europe during the winter can … Continued

China: Lost in Transition

China: Lost in Transition Where does one buy chopsticks in Beijing? This isn’t simply a zen koan, the questions the masters ask their students in order to break habits of thought and open their minds. This question, that I asked myself one evening while contemplating the leftover spicy beef in the white cardboard box, on … Continued

Panama: Peace and Tranquility under the Sea

Stuck in a concrete jungle, I yearn for those long summer days where I felt free. Every morning I would awake to the familiar sound of waves crashing up against the dock; the ocean was calling to me. I was never a morning person but in Panama I practically jumped out of my bed with … Continued

Myanmar: Bikes in Bagan (video)

Watch: Bikes in Bagan, Day 4, Myanmar (Burma)  With our bikes from New Park Hotel, we explored many temples including:  Gu-byauk-gyi (wet-kyin) with incredible paintings but you cannot take photos or video for preservation reasons. Gu-byauk-nge: Due to its smaller size, you can see all three of the four seated Buddhas at once. It has … Continued

Nuh, India: Starry Nights

Gazing long into the endless night skies sprinkled with diamond like stars had always fascinated me. In the autumn of 2004, came an unexpected opportunity. It brought S.P.A.C.E. in my life. S.P.A.C.E. i.e. Science Popularization Association of Commutators and Educators is an organization which promote science and in particular astronomy. The moment I heard about … Continued

Contraband: Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan

Contraband: Border crossing between Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan The late afternoon sun was relentless as we waited in no man’s land between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. A slight breeze came up from the river separating the two countries, so we stood on the bridge in an attempt to feel it on our burning skin. The river, equipped … Continued

We Said Go Travel

We Said Go Travel