Ukraine: Chotyn

We looked for old people; we found them on a quiet road, standing near a well, ready to draw water. They were short, thin people; the woman wore a kerchief over her grey hair, accentuating the multitude of wrinkles on her face. She had a greying cloth apron over her top and skirt. The man … Continued

Canada: Child of the Wind

This place is my home. I love it here. I am infatuated with the smooth, curved logs that form the walls of the Ranch House. I am entranced by the cool, fading orange-brown oak of my cabin floor. I am hooked on the smoke that billows from the copper-coloured kitchen. Spider webs, thick glass windows, … Continued

Traveling in Sin is a HOT NEW RELEASE

Traveling in Sin  is a HOT NEW RELEASE on Amazon. Thank you for all your support of our memoir and our journeys! We really appreciate it! George and Lisa BOOK DESCRIPTION: This exuberant and unique travel memoir is written in the voices of the story’s two leading protagonists, George and Lisa, who meet on-line in January … Continued

Canada: Tall Towers and Freedom

TORONTO: TOWER TALLER THAN ANY OTHER AND DISCOVERING THE REAL MEANING OF FREEDOM, INDEPENDENCE AND FRIENDSHIP  Written by Dindo Varona In the back seat of the 8-seater Nissan Murano van, was where I patiently anticipated our next stop; it was a nice early July summer day as I see the tower high in the air. … Continued

America: Independence on the Interstate

I have no fear of flying. I just don’t love it. I find it disorienting to board a plane in one city and land in another, having missed all the landscape and all the people in between. Give me a roadtrip in America any day. When I made the decision to move from Portland, Oregon … Continued

Basque Country: Home is where the Pueblo is

It was exactly what I had in mind when I applied to teach in the Basque Country; green hills, a strange language, separatist protests, and retired shepherds stalking down cobble stone streets that had seen bull and beret alike- this was a strange region in a foreign land, and I was ready for it. My … Continued

Kerala, India: The Place that Makes Me Feel Free

The more I travel, the more I realise that my feelings about somewhere do not only come into being because of that ‘place’. My feelings about the cities, towns, beaches, and villages where I end up on my journeys are shaped by the locations I visited immediately beforehand, by the anticipation of the places that … Continued

Myanmar: Ferry Mothers

A sinewy arm reached for my backpack, picking it up as if it were a feather. He smiled and waved for me to follow. Agile and muscled, he ran across the plank and waited. I carefully placed my steps, watching the brown water of the Irrawaddy flow below me. I squeezed through doors, up stairs … Continued

Cambodia: Lost and Found in Ratanakiri

I had been trapped penniless in Phnom Penh for over a month. It had been ten weeks since I was conned out of five hundred dollars by a bank in Malaysia. Seven weeks since my beloved and irreplaceable journal, my glasses, wallet, iPod, all of my bank cards, and most of my money was stolen … Continued

We Said Go Travel

We Said Go Travel