France: A Princess for a Day

Once upon a time, Joan was a Princess for a day, in a country called France. Standing by the window, inside her castle, Joan could see the roses, nestled together in the garden below her. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath; it was the sweet scent of the roses. Oh, it was a … Continued

Running Away to Vienna

The week before I left the States for Vienna, I cried a lot. It all started when a professor came into my spring term class at university and said the German summer study abroad program was short on students. And he was providing scholarships. Next thing I knew I had dropped out of school for … Continued

Freedom Trekking Aussie Style

I just bought the ticket. Australia had been a life long dream, peppered with tales of wonder from all the Aussies I knew. A ten-day excursion did not seem right. Traveling half way around the world, anyone in his or her right mind should stay for an extended length of time. Personally, I had all … Continued

Bermuda: Same Ocean, Different Shore

Bermuda: Same Ocean, Different Shore             Cruising down the wrong side of a foreign road, I searched for any indication of an approaching shoreline. Having spent the last three days peering over the top deck of a cruise ship, watching the massive boat slice through the Atlantic Ocean, I was eager to finally plunge into … Continued

Tunisia – International Festival of Sousse

Tunisia hasn’t exactly had a lot of positive press lately, and for understandable reasons. The country’s disposal of its less than democratic ruler triggered revolutions across the Middle East and North Africa, which became known as the Arab Spring. Yet, what you likely haven’t heard is that unlike neighboring Libya and fellow countries on the … Continued

Wind in Ushuaia

Travelling is a question of time. Freedom is also a question of time. Where these two intersect, you realize self-autonomy. It is late March, austral fall, and I find myself returning to what I thought I left behind in Canada, winter. I’m in Ushuaia, the capital and main port city of Argentina’s Tierra del Fuego. … Continued

Colorado: An Afternoon in the Sun

An Afternoon in the Sun in Colorado I’ve spent many a summer in London. I’ve enjoyed a spring or two in Paris. I’ve had the pleasure of a few overnights in Cabo San Lucas, San Diego, Rapid City, Grand Canyon, and Disney World. Of all the places my feet have walked, I am always happiest … Continued

Vietnam: You Never Want to Leave

Vietnam: Once You get there you never want to leave Everyone told me that Halong Bay is a must seen in Vietnam. But as I’m travelling on a shoestring budget, I’m not a big fan of organized trips. This time I made an exception as I met some friendly guys from Belgium in my hostel who convinced … Continued

From Thailand with a Book

From Thailand with a Book Hello from Ao Nang, Thailand! Newsletter #31 August 6, 2013 After over two months on Lamai Beach, Koh Samui, we finished editing our memoir, Traveling in Sin, and traveled a bit more of Thailand. We went to Koh Phanghan, Tanote Beach in Koh Tao, Ranong, Little Koh Chang, Krabi and Ao … Continued

New Zealand: 134 Meters of Fear

When the wind rushes over the gorge, our metal box shakes like dice in the hand of a desperate gambler. Nervous, antsy. The constant jostling, suspended 134 meters (439 feet) above the craggy ravine of the Nevis Bluff, is forcing a similar emotion in my intestines. Should have used the toilet, I lament. But there … Continued

We Said Go Travel

We Said Go Travel