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Whangamata: The flood of memories

I was always lucky as a child. My family were huge believers in travel and from the day I was born my father had already began mapping out a family trip. Being half Filipino it was to first visit my Mothers family back home. However, no matter how many countries we traveled too when I … Continued

Auroville, An Experimental Town in India

  Imagine an experimental town in South India called Auroville where the earth is a rich red. Where the people–from all over–live off only the foods and products they produce in their organic farms. A tranquil place surrounded by trees, wildlife and Tamil villages, and guesthouses each with it’s own futuristic edge. And in the … Continued

France: Awe and Tears at the Zoo

A zoo in winter is a strange place to feel awe. A zoo is a place that symbolizes captivity, leashed freedom. But it’s not the place, although the Menagerie of Paris, France is one of the better zoos I’ve seen. With wide, clean paddocks, there is enough space, but not here. Not for this animal, … Continued

Music on the Road: The Five String Addict

Today is George’s birthday! I wanted to share one of his latest articles about music: “The Five String Addict’: A Guitarist’s Review of Keith Richards’ Life Memoir” HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my soul mate, travel partner and a great writer and musician. Enjoy his new article and book review! In Keith Richards’ memoir, Life, the Rolling Stone guitarist rocks … Continued

Employee Speak: eBay’s Outsourcing Operations in India

Employee Speak: eBay’s Outsourcing Operations in India Most Americans were understandably outraged when they lost their jobs to Indians in the early 2000s due to the infamous Business Process Outsourcing culture (BPO). Meanwhile, urban Indians just out of college took home huge pay checks their parents never saw in all their working life. The price however, … Continued

A Meditation on Paris

A Meditation on Paris It’s nearly impossible to write about Paris while sitting in a Café on the Carrefour de L’Odeon, the oldest square in the city. I’ve lived here for nearly a year and everything still seems completely surreal, one big cliché, and there simply is no obvious place to begin. One could write … Continued

India: My Karma Ran Over My Marriage!

In Jenny Feldon’s novel, Karma Gone Bad, she shares losing herself among the sights, sounds and overwhelming smells of India. Through her tumultuous stories of making life work overseas as a newlywed, she nearly channels Carrie Bradshaw from “Sex in the City” if she appeared in Eat Pray Love. Feldon knows she is a New Yorker through and … Continued

Farne Islands,UK: The Birds

The Birds He didn’t want to go. He eyed the fishing boat doubtfully. “What if it sinks?” “It won’t.” What if there’s a storm?” I looked out to sea. It was as still as a millpond. “There won’t be.” “I might get sick.” “I doubt it.” I might get blown overboard.” I sighed. My son, … Continued

Adios Los Angeles, Hola Panama

  Adios Los Angeles, Hola Panama! (from our latest news) Being in Los Angeles for our family event (Koby’s Bar Mitzvah) was wonderful. We were fortunate to spend time with our relatives and share in a special celebration. We also saw many friends and had a fantastic live event at Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel. We … Continued

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