Venice is Sinking

It is midnight in St. Mark’s Square in Venice and the entire piazza is under water. Special tidal conditions and a full moon have caused the water levels to rise a metre and give the impression that one of the world’s most beautiful cities is sinking. A knee-deep flash lagoon covers what Napoleon referred to … Continued

A Simple Safari In The Jaisalmer Desert – India

Rajasthan, Northern India. 2 hours away from the Pakistan border. Our location was Jailsalmer. I never imagined I would be in this territory in my life. I had made my way up from the southern parts of Kerala, through Goa, Mumbai, and Udaipur consisting of long train journeys, regularly awoken by the sound of ‘Chai’ … Continued

Nigeria, My Country: What it means to me

I would like to explain some of the above words in a clear and concise manner. Gratitude; according to the Seventh Edition of the Oxford Learners Dictionary, it simply connotes with the feeling of being grateful and wanting to express your thanks. Inspire; it means giving somebody the desire, confidence or enthusiasm to do something … Continued

New Hampshire: Revisiting Lake Winnipesaukee – Part 1

Lake Winnipesaukee the largest of the lakes in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire seemed like a perfect place for a short vacation and a nice follow up to my article on a similar subject – eating around Lake Winnipesaukee. I really wanted this whirlwind trip to be special as I was introducing someone new … Continued

Japan: The Magic of Shirakawa Gō

Japan: The Magic of Shirakawa Gō I once wrote a poem about the Shirakawa Gō (traditional) Village, that started like this; ‘In far away, almost forgotten land, among mountains and valleys, as if someone tried to hide it, from the world like a precious gem, there is a place, that tells us the story, of … Continued

Albayrak: Red Flags all Over Turkey!

  Albayrak: The Red Flags all Over Turkey! I will start by saying that I’ve never seen so much Red in my life, as I saw in Turkey in a few weeks, when I visited a couple of years ago. Whether on boats sailing past the Bosporus, on the façade of buildings, over balconies of … Continued

Christmas in the Dales

Life can get pretty hectic in the run up to Christmas, so why not leave the hustle and bustle behind and escape to the great outdoors. There is no better place to wrap up against the wintry weather and enjoy some fresh air in the miles and miles of rolling countryside in the Yorkshire Dales. There … Continued

France: Steps of Le Panthéon

Life is astounding. It works in many mysterious ways; it can surprise you, it can challenge you, it can beat you down; but above all, it can amaze you. I have had people amaze me, ideas and theories amaze me, and best of all, I have had places amaze me. Finding beauty in the most … Continued

We Said Go Travel

We Said Go Travel