New Zealand: New Zen

New Zealand New Zen The inspiration to travel was first beckoned by New Zealand. There isn’t a single one point that was the calling, but rather the entire entity of the spirit. Perhaps it was the incredibly intrinsic Maori culture hosting a melting pot of peoples across the world. After finally making the trip of … Continued

A Gift from Nicaragua

Last year, around this time I wrote an article about an experience I had when I traveled to Granada, Nicaragua in 2011. I remember the positive and negative feedback that I received from some of the readers. I wrote the article to inspired individuals to observe the similarities that some Americans have with some Nicaraguans. … Continued

Wishing for Advice on Traveling?

Taylor from US City Traveler asked us and 33 other travel bloggers: What’s the one thing you wish you’d known before you started traveling? Enjoy the article for great advice from many travelers from all over the planet. CHECK OUT THE EASY DOES IT SECTION for our answers! 6. George: “How easy it was to travel independently.” Lisa: “Before … Continued

Scotland: New Year on Conic Hill

New Year on Conic Hill New Year’s Eve in a Scottish new town, and it was strangely subdued – the lull before the storm of celebrations. Then as midnight approached, tall, dark-stroke-red and (allegedly) handsome men (for these are the necessary credentials of the first-footer) crept out onto the streets armed with whiskey, a tumbler, … Continued

Hong Kong: A Private View

I awake in the dark. Where am I? Momentary befuddlement is replaced by a kaleidoscope of recollections. The journey. The excitement of arrival. The dizzying intoxication of new sounds, sights and smells. Marvelling at the dazzling beauty of Hong Kong, her skyscrapers illuminated like stars in the firmament. The captivating juxtaposition of East and West. … Continued

Italy: The Oltrepo Pavese

Located 40 minutes south of Milan, the capital of the Lombardy region, is the town of Pavia, home to one of the oldest universities in Europe (1361). And, just across the river from Pavia sits the region of Oltrepò Pavese, which means just that. It is “on the other side of the Po River from … Continued

Angkor Wat: A Journey of Life and Beauty

Walking through the Angkor Wat and experiencing its majestic nature felt like a lifelong ambition of mine had been completed. I arrived by tuk-tuk in the mid-day tropical sun, beating down upon me and the surrounding complex as if God himself relinquished all his power and energy to show me, in all its glory, the … Continued

A Short Break to Cyprus

Cyprus is a fascinating destination that despite it’s small size, has an abundance of activities and things to see. It’s long, rich history has helped shape it’s landscape over the centuries so that ruins and buildings can still be seen to this day, coexisting harmoniously with modern day Cyprus. The third largest island in the … Continued

We Said Go Travel

We Said Go Travel