Making Waves on the Waterways of Europe

A tour of Europe with a twist: on it’s rivers and canals.     The thought of a European river cruise tour never really crossed my mind before, but it looks like an incredible way to see Europe from a different perspective. The first image that came to mind of a boat tour was of … Continued

English Corner: Shenzhen’s Undiscovered Gem

A Place That Inspires Awe: English Corner: Shenzhen’s Undiscovered Gem by Armand Diab If you’re a foreigner in Shenzhen, China, you’re probably not as unique as you think you are. I mean, sure, Westerners in certain parts of China stick out like a sore thumb, and are often victims of being stared at by the curious … Continued

Guatemala: The River Cave Expedition

The River Cave Expedition is the first of series of expeditions we went on together with our friends, the Friendship crew and the Czechs, on the north and west shores of Lago Izabal, Guatemala’s biggest lake where we sailed together for two weeks. The members of the River Cave Expedition include four adults, one teenager, … Continued

Nokia: Sharing Our Lumia 925 Photos

From Nokia: Our Trial a Nokia programme has been a source of much experience, comparison, inspiration and FUN for a number of years now. Whether you’re reviewing for a tech blog or it’s your first time using a Nokia phone ever, we love to see and share the stories and experiences that come from it. In the … Continued

Arkansas: Courageous Little Rock Nine

There’s nothing as awesome as courage When we think of an awe-inspiring travel site, the mind immediately begins to visualize images of the Grand Canyon; somewhere lofty from which mere mortals can, for a few moments, look on the vista ahead as if we had just finished creating it. That’s perfectly legitimate but for me, … Continued

Love to Travel By Boat? Sailing Through History

The invention of the boat was a technological breakthrough that brought forward a new way to explore the world. The first boats were made by the Egyptians and were used to transport goods along the Nile River. Over the centuries, boats became more and more sophisticated to the point that they could cross oceans. Great … Continued

Ghana: Once upon a moment

It was the Christmas holidays, the perfect excuse to have a good time away from work and the usually bustling everyday life. I didn’t think twice before agreeing to an invitation by my sister to spend it with her family in Ghana, a country over four hundred kilometers away from Lagos, Nigeria. I, alongside my … Continued

Goa Through the Eyes of a Portuguese Woman

Foreword: A little history lesson before we commence. India has been the playground of the feisty European colonialists for centuries now. Most pockets were returned to the Republic of India in the 20th century. It is pertinent to note that the French have kept the soft power alive and strong in their former enclave of … Continued

We Said Go Travel

We Said Go Travel