Inspiration From Within

As a society, we are quick to share our positive experiences. Social media allows us to post updates immediately after a dream job offer, a proposal, or a trip to paradise. I believe the ease and accessibility of it all gives us a false perspective of our friends. I, like most, fall into the “comparison … Continued

Using Nokia Lumia 925 for We Said Go Travel

Thank you to Nokia Connects for sharing a Nokia Lumia 925 with us and letting us write about it on their site! Seeing the world is many people’s dream, and with inventions like the commercial airliner, taking time out to explore cultures and climates around our planet is very possible in this day and age. … Continued

Algonquin National Park, Canada: Moose

It was cold. We moved quietly, silently, around the campsite. The morning was barely breathing and the pale grey light held the landscape in suspense. “I’ll go in a canoe with you,” whispered Lucy. Without much need for communication from our leader, we launched the canoes and climbed in. The lake was cold, my legs … Continued

England: Under Big Norfolk Skies

The water is steaming, a white vapour sponging the darkening sky. I watch the heavens smudge grey and pink before deepening to navy-blue. High above us midges dance in dizzying circles. I plunge under the warm, bubbling water and when I surface again, one single star has emerged, alone in the sky. “Vega, Arabic for swooping … Continued

Guatemala: Waters With a Taste of Mountain

“First the earth was created, the mountains and the valleys. The waterways were divided, their branches coursing among the mountains. Thus the waters were divided, revealing the great mountains. For thus was the creation of the earth, created then by Heart of Sky and Heart of Earth, as they are called. They were the first … Continued

Gratitude in Stone: The Pantheon, Paris

This Panthéon is gratitude made stone. It started life as a church, built to honour St. Genevieve, the patron saint of Paris, in thanksgiving for her intercession during Louis XV’s illness. Since then, the Panthéon has been the site of Foucault’s demonstration of his pendulum, which showed the rotation of the earth, and the home … Continued

Britain for the Soul

I come from Singapore, which is a tiny country in South-east Asia. On the world map, it is not more than a mere speck. Hence, when I landed in London, I was awe-struck by the sheer largeness of this sprawling city. The skyscrapers and buildings extended on and on, fading away into a hazy brown … Continued

Nigeria: Obudu Mountain Resort

In a typical natural setting, Obudu Mountain Resort is one of the most exciting and interesting places in the world for leisure seekers, holiday makers, tourists and for vacations.It is situated on a plateau at 1576 meters above sea level on the Oshie Ridge of Sankwala Mountains in Cross-River Nigeria close to the borders of … Continued

We Said Go Travel

We Said Go Travel