India: Rediscovering Belief in Banaras

The sea of saffron edged along slowly on hundreds of bare feet on the rain-drenched path. Mud caked the heels, splattered the ankles. Occasionally, a cry of “Har Har Mahadev” erupted from one trembling throat and got carried over to others like a wave, until it rose in a crescendo. And fell. To the muffled … Continued

Rome, Delicious Home

In the heart of Trastevere, I heard a heavy Roman accent bounce off the bright colorful walls of the near-empty Via dei Salumi. I could now clearly distinguish the circular sound of the plastic ventilator as it moved the summer warmth inside the cozy apartment that had once belonged to June, my dear grandmother. After … Continued

Hardiwar, India: Discovery of the Self

Growing up, all of us want to believe we are special … special in our personality …special in our choices, special in the way we shape our lives… Bestowed with a well-educated independent upbringing, a fairly successful career, I am now the Urban Indian stereotype- the caring wife, the ‘Nurturer’ in a nuclear family; complete … Continued

George´s Music Review: “Who’s Psychotic Next?”

“Who’s Psychotic Next?” A Critical Review of Pete Townshend’s Memoir “Who Am I” is legendary The Who composer and guitarist Pete Townshend’s autobiographic memoir that he began in May, 1996. The original manuscript was 1,000 pages long but editor Harper Collins shaved it in half to 500 pages. The chronicle delves into Townshend’s upbringing in … Continued

Himalayas: Stone God

Like an injured animal crawling on its belly, our vehicle was cautiously inching along. Outside, contours of the mountains were wet with tearing rain while inside, our cheeks were the same with tears. None showed any signs of abating. Clasped palms and quivering lips in focused devotion were desperately trying to evoke the attention of … Continued

Reaching Out for Italy

High above the swirling mosaics of the Sistine Chapel’s floor are Michelangelo’s famous frescoes. The genius of a man ahead of his time calls tourists’ heads irresistibly upwards, drawn by the intricacy and vibrancy of paint that has had centuries to dry, but remains indisputably flooded with life. Amidst this overwhelming beauty is a single … Continued

Walking With Polar Bears: The Next Great Safari

You can’t drive here; you can’t boat here; you can’t even walk here… you’d be eaten. We’re somewhere in the back end of nowhere, some 300 kilometers from the closest paved road; 1500 kilometers from the nearest Whole Foods. If you cry wolf here, everyone believes you. It’s the third day of a week-long safari. … Continued

Santorini, Greece: Spilt Paint

My trip around Eastern Europe in 2011 had a visit to Santorini. This island took my breath away and this is what it inspired me to write. Santorini is built on the rim of a volcano overlooking a caldera. Even though we sort of, kind of knew what a caldera was it never hurts to … Continued

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