A Cricketing Passage to India

“Woooosshhhh” goes the sound of the red painted tennis ball as it flies past my head. The laughter from the boys standing nearby, when I swing my arms round and try to hit the ball that has already passed me is thunderous. Welcome to Indian cricket. Street style. I had come to India to watch … Continued

Johnny Jet: Palawan, Philippines from Above and Below

Thank you to Johnny Jet for sharing our story from Palawan in the Philippines. Having heard that Palawan in the Philippines is a worthwhile destination from a variety of travelers over the years, I was excited to be heading to the island’s capital, Puerto Princesa. Rissa Gatdula-Lumontad and Ricky Tio at Cebu Holiday Tours set up our … Continued

Hyderabad India, A Cultural Delight

The delicate gold plated earrings stare back at me. In the busy shopping centre at the crowded Bazaar, I breathe in the scent of Hyderabad. People, walking around in search of useless things to buy crowd the narrow roads, hardly bothered about what they’re bumping into or whose feet they’re crushing underneath theirs. Middle aged … Continued

Sarajevo Roses

Sarajevo Roses When my husband and I hoisted our backpacks and headed for our three-month European honeymoon, we had no plans beyond our one-way tickets to Thessaloniki, Greece. We were drawn to the freedom of having no plans, reservations, or appointments and enamored with the idea that everything we needed–tent, clothes, camera, notebook–fit neatly into … Continued

Summer in West Australia

A famous Australian Playwright -Dorothy Hewitt commented that it’s going to the ‘blonde’. Which means that grasses and shrubs are dried because summer heat is a natural version of peroxide, bleaching the color from everything? Eventually even the suburban front lawn becomes beige and hibernates in its summer coat. People in Sydney people would ask, … Continued

India: Sunrise at the Ganges

The smoke from the funeral pyres danced in the rising sun, cascading downstream with the river and rising above the morning bathers. The smell of burning wood and incense hung in the air, stagnant, as the sun peeked over the horizon and reflected off the rippling currents. Crows flocked at the piles of ash and … Continued

Argentina: Mi Buenos Aires Querido

My entire life growing up, hearing stories about Argentineans, I was convinced they had to be the most patriotic race of all. It must have been the constant display of light blue and white ribbons hanging from every imaginable personal object, the inevitable appearance of the Argentinean futbol jersey at any and every South American … Continued

Tzintzuntzan Cemetery, Mexico: A Night Among the Dead

Maria and her baby brother Eugenio lost their mother in April this year. The twelve-year-old purepecha girl holds him on her arms while their grandmother places cempazuchitl flowers and lighted candles on top of their mom’s grave. Midnight is approaching and temperature is rapidly dropping below the freezing point. A cold drizzle has transformed the … Continued

France: Burning Waves

The word “burning” normally brings about visions of fire, of heat and of light. Of licking flames, flickering tongues momentarily illuminating a warm brick hearth or charring wood until a bed of glowing embers is born beneath. The word “burning” does not normally haunt the same descriptions as do “dark” and “wet”. But if ever … Continued

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