Christmas in The Philippines – Part 1

A Guest Post by Johanna Castro We love The Philippines at any time of year, but if you’re thinking of traveling to The Philippines during the Christmas holidays, you can expect all sorts of festivities and festivals. I was lucky to live in a suburb outside Manila for nearly 4 years and my over-riding memory … Continued

Sri Lanka: Climbing Sigiriya

“I am the Queen” giggled the middle aged Japanese lady as we stopped for her to sweep past us, borne aloft by her two Sri Lankan guides. We watched with envy as, cool and calm, she ascended the steep metal staircase with her feet making walking motions while several centimetres above the steps. Firmly gripped … Continued

Curated Quotes: 40 Best Travel Quotes from 40 Bloggers

Thank you to Curated Quotes for including us in THE 40 BEST TRAVEL QUOTES ACCORDING TO THE 40 BEST TRAVEL BLOGGERS Who better to weigh in on the best travel quotes than the bloggers and travel writers that live and breathe travel every day? I reached out to some of the most well respected travel … Continued

Sri Lanka: Pigeon Island

Rain welcomed us. It was as though, all my stress and tiredness was washed away by the rain. From the moment I landed there to the time I came back, I felt peace; within and outside. The beauty was beyond anything I had dreamed about. Sri Lanka was a miracle to me. From its beautiful … Continued

India: Trip to Corbet with Friends

Corbett was always a special place for me as I had celebrated my three birthdays at Jim Corbett, but this time it was different. For the first time in my life, I was going to a place far away from Delhi (where I live) without my family. I was only 10. Our school “PRESIDIUM” planed … Continued

hebron border

H1 and H2 Two Sides of the Same City: Hebron, Palestine

Having grown up on the streets of Northern Ireland in the 1980s, cultural, political, religious and geographical divides have always been a part of my life. Whether I’ve wanted them to be or not. As my travel lifestyle has developed over time, I have become much more intrigued by the parts of the world that … Continued

India: Where in the World

Where in the World Somewhere. a girl steps off a plane and into a world unknown. Sometime. a boy runs barefoot through dirt streets, late. Somewhere far away from here, a girl is assaulted by the new world around her. In the back streets of the old city, the country finds her. Senses are excited … Continued

Nigeria: Discovering Akoo

It was a very long journey travelling from Abuja to my hometown. I was only six years old. We arrived at the village at about 3:30pm. ‘Big Mama’ as we fondly called my grandmother was there to give a warm reception. Exchange of pleasantries with relatives and other neighbours with series of ‘welcome’ that filled … Continued

Ohio: A Thousand Miles Away

The rolling, green hills creep past my windows while I leisurely drive along the winding road, occasionally passing a pick-up truck. I have the local country station blasting as I sing along, “Makes me wanna take a back road. Makes me wanna take the looong waaay home.” This peaceful slice of countryside has a calming effect … Continued

We Said Go Travel

We Said Go Travel