Canada: Three Trips to Confederation

There’s one way over the bridge and no stopping till the other side. The first time I was only nine. I watched out the window, saw the blue ocean, the shadows of the clouds, the sides of the bridge rushing by. I imagined people landing on the island at night in canoes and rowboats. The … Continued

Phuket: Thailand’s Island Utopia

Where in the world can you experience an all you can eat buffet with seafood that was caught that day and cooked to your liking for next to nothing? Where in the world can you paddle a kayak in the sea to go rock climbing and then lounge on the beach afterwards? Where in the … Continued

USA: To spend a night in Reno

To spend a night in Reno By MaiLynn Stormon-Trinh Born as snow melt from the Sierra Nevadans in Lake Tahoe, the Truckee River runs eastward onto the Paiute Tribe Reservation and into Pyramid Lake. The icy waters, wild in parts and almost stagnant in others, flow directly through the heart of downtown Reno, Nevada. So “Renoites”, … Continued

Exploring Bhaktapur, Nepal

The people of the village-like-city Bhaktapur are splendid actors in the fabulous setting of the place. Cap saddled elders sit in groups of 4 to 5 members, every few meters, atop a wooden carved stage. Etched-wrinkled women keep busy cotton weaving with a historic looking spindle. Children of all ages play chase, hide-‘n-seek and run … Continued

Mexico: Wrung Out With Pleasure in Tulum

Peeeeeep. Peeeeeep. A long and piercing peep disturbs my slumber. I lie there and pretend I can ignore it. Peeeeep. There it goes again. It’s somewhere around 6:00am and those crazy Mexican sinsonte birds are at it again. I peel off my eye mask and sunlight floods the room. As much as I’d like to sleep … Continued

Instagram: Simple Steps to Join the Mobile Photo Revolution

While teaching elementary school, I once remarked, “I have a video camera but I don’t know how to make a movie.” One of my fifth grade students, Hannah, said, “Don’t worry Mrs. R, I will stay in at recess and teach you iMovie.” In case you don’t have a student around, I can highly recommend Instagram … Continued

UK: Over Hill and Dale: Mother Nature’s Gift

Nestled within the rolling hills of God’s own country; the sentiment of awe was felt here first. The small village of Lofthouse lies within Nidderdale, virtually untouched by the modern man and only ever visited by the off-chance camper and the ramblers that stumble across it by fortunate accident. The village is heavy with the … Continued

We Said Go Travel

We Said Go Travel