Florida: Kava Culture

I was pedaling as quickly as I could, but I felt the ice dripping down my backpack onto my skin. The traffic on Beach Boulevard was backed up, but I zipped by in the bike lane and turned into Sunrise Village, a last remainder of old Ft. Lauderdale. It consisted of a scattering of tattoo … Continued

Traveling in Thailand

Our latest news: Traveling in Thailand Hello from Koh Samui, Thailand. We spent two months here in 2013 and edited our memoir! It seems fitting to be here working on the paperback edition of Traveling in Sin. A year ago we had just begun our first travel-writing contest. Now we are in the midst of contest #4 and … Continued

Goddess of The North

It was mercilessly cold. The Night Sky was hopefully clear. (Yes, that is the correct usage of the word “hopefully”). This was the moment of truth: tripods, cameras, warm gloves, a fire going strong, hot soup and patience. Lots of it. We had no idea how we would react on seeing one of the most … Continued

La France Profond

At the moment my traveling is in South West France – think of roses still on the bushes in December, sunshine even on the coldest day, unexpected views of chateaus with fairy tale turrets, empty roads and a village seemingly growing out of the chestnut earth, houses leaning one on another under the trees, supporting … Continued

Morocco: Saha صحة

Perched upon sky blue stools that match the wooden square tables and painted archways of this small upstairs café. Hunched over sketchbooks, our backs resting on the propped open balcony doors that overlook the grandiose palace Mohammed Sixth. Men sing funeral hymns below, carrying a small wooden coffin the size of a child. Walking the … Continued

Southern Discovery in New Zealand

An unexpected journey to say the least, Traveling to the land of kiwi, off my bucket list, With the land of majestic, natural, reserved beauty, It brought tears in eyes, how little we actually see. I recalled us taking the much needed time out, From our hectic, bustling life, enough to constantly make us shout, … Continued

Huffington Post Travel: Traveling in Sin

As seen on Huffington Post Travel: A Review of Traveling in Sin: I love reading travel books; memoirs are enjoyable and well-written accounts make me feel like I’m truly present in another part of the world. For this reason I was looking forward to reading Traveling In Sin, a memoir about an adventurous couple from the … Continued

We Said Go Travel

We Said Go Travel