Hakuna Matata in the Philippines

I’m not sure about the precise moment when time was seemingly put to a halt. The sun was ablaze as my torso bobbed with the small boat that waded through the strong current. I was in partial slumber as my circadian rhythm insisted on catching up with its supposed state of snooze some hours before. … Continued

Blue Like Desire: An excerpt from Love At The Speed Of Email

In Love At The Speed Of Email, two humanitarian workers defy the uncertainties of distance and the isolation of working in some of the world’s most remote and challenging corners to build a long distance relationship entirely via email. As they risk love, the narrator struggles to better understand the legacies of her nomadic childhood … Continued

China: Make Good Choices

Before I traveled to China, I was worried about so many things. Would I find anything to eat? Would the bathrooms be clean? Would we be able to find the right bus? I had carried a wordless book with colorful images in hopes that when I could not communicate, I could point. On the street … Continued

“To Istanbul, Turkey”

To Turkey! I was surprised by the emails and phone calls I had been receiving from friends and family fearing my safety in Istanbul. “Wear a scarf on your head,” they said. “Keep to yourself. Keep your mouth shut,” they wrote. “Tell them you’re from Canada,” they whispered. I was surprised because I’d been there … Continued

We Said Go Travel

We Said Go Travel