Spain: Tapas Crawling in Granada

Aside from all of the history and beauty of Granada, there is one more thing that makes it unique……FREE Tapas! Granada is one of the last spots in Spain in which tapas are served for free when you order a drink. Tapas come in a variety of sizes and can be hot or cold. And, … Continued

Lost in Vietnam and Happy About It

Ask me a year ago for travel advice, and I would have said: I have all the answers. I know the perfect way. What is good for me is good for everyone. Ask me now, and I know better. All I know is that I’ve figured out what works for me. I was lost in … Continued

Stuck In The Zaire Mud

Time stands still when you are stuck. We had been stuck before, delayed by a day or two a couple of times but this was different. The road through Zaire to Uganda was a red dirt corridor in the jungle with frequent dodgy bridges and mud holes. A mud hole big enough to suck an … Continued

Never Rue a Meal: Finding High-Quality Street Food in France

The French, they love their food. You can see this in the quality and freshness of the ingredients they use to prepare their meals. They don’t cut corners either when it comes to their artisan street food either, but if you know where to look and where to avoid you can steer clear of disappointment. … Continued

My Little Italy

While visiting Italy twelve years ago, I learned that using my time wisely in a new place didn’t necessarily mean getting a lot accomplished each day. There was much to see and do in each city my husband and I visited, however, it was not the amount of popular sights we trekked to that made … Continued

An outing in Sri Lanka

An Outing in Sri Lanka Dawn in a rural corner of Galle and the light is soft and milky, the air cool. Across the road, Langur monkeys scrabble through trees. On the lane a solitary cow grazes on the verge. A man wanders into view pulling an empty cart and disappears again. A cyclist wobbles … Continued

Udaipur, India: Invoking Your Presence in Nature

Set amidst the lofty Aravalli Range of Rajasthan, the beautiful city of Udaipur is an abode of picturesque lakes, lush-green gardens, majestic forts and palaces, awe-inspiring museums, and revered temples. Receiving thousands of footfalls the year round from all over the world, Udaipur is certainly one of the most sought-after destinations. While on one hand, … Continued

Inspired by over 500 writers!

From our Latest News: Inspired by OVER 500 Writers! Ever wonder how big is the World Wide Web? According to Internet Live Stats there are 844, 075, 445 websites and the number is going up every second! We are fast approaching ONE BILLION websites online. At WeSaidGoTravel, we are proud that Global Alexa ranks us in the … Continued

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