Thelma and Louise in England

Thelma and Louise in England Dimuthu and I hit the road. We were Thelma and Louise without the murdering and thieving. Dimuthu was my Sri Lankan sister, my twin. We shared a birthday, but she was young and pretty while I was past my best. We came from places half a world apart, yet we … Continued

What If…in Namibia

In Namibia’s Etosha National Park, the Okaukeujo camp boasts a flood-lit waterhole where animals can be viewed at any time of the day or night. Ro and I visited the attraction on the first night of our stay at the camp and waited with the other tourists for lions to drop by, or a herd … Continued

The Unraveling in India

“The Unraveling” I can feel the firm, dimpled cushion beneath me as I struggle (albeit, with difficulty) to silently fold my body into a more contented position. It’s been ages since I sat cross-legged this long without a pain or discomfort of some kind, and today is certainly no exception. Between the occasional cough and … Continued

Malibu Peace, California

I came here for peace. And peace is what I found. It was the Malibu waters that washed away my tears and embraced me with its warm breeze, the sea salt a welcoming kiss on my lips. Still reeling from the tragic death of my brother, my life seemed out of control and unbalanced. And … Continued

Solitude on Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania

Hours after a dim light from an East African moon graced the barren landscape, our ever smiling guides began their all too familiar task of rousing weary trekkers from their slumber. Illumination from headlamps began to fill the cramped sleeping quarters that defined Kibo Huts. The would be mountaineers layered themselves in an impressive spectrum … Continued

Windows Phone Update with the Rajnas!

Thanks to Nokia and Microsoft for sharing our story in their latest Windows Phone Update through their Newsletter: Nokia Lumia owners: Is it time to plan a vacation? With your Nokia Lumia, you don’t need to pack a camera. Traveler and writer, Lisa Rajna, recorded her travels in South-East Asia with her Nokia Lumia 925. … Continued

We Said Go Travel

We Said Go Travel