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I now have my third LG cellphone. I had the LG G4 and then was told that the LG V20 was even better. The V series was built for video. I admit I was intrigued and did love it right away. I spend much of my time filming and editing video. I now have 1.5 million views on my travel videos and was very happy with LG V20 and its abilities. When I heard about the LG V30, I considered not trying it out as I was so content. I am glad I did try the newest phone in the LG family because the LG V30 is even better than the earlier phones. I have to admit that I do miss the ability to change the battery. With the LG V20, I could carry several batteries and change the removable battery and be back to full power in under a minute. If I could add one thing to the V30, it would be a changeable battery. It does have a fast wired charging and will be at 50% charge in about 30 minutes.
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 As for what I love about the new phone, it takes fantastic low light video. I am impressed with this video I took at my friend’s concert on auto!
The new V30 is smaller than the V20 and has a water resistance rating and unlike the new iPhone it has a headphone jack which I love. It has a fingerprint scanner embedded in the power button at the back.
Will You Love LG V30?
I really like all of the photo options especially the new 360 Panoramic feature and of course the wide angle shooter. I can get more into a frame than any other cellphone camera I have seen. If you want to use full manual, that is an option as well.
Will you Love the LG V30? beach 360
The LG V30 takes amazing selfies and even has an extra wide lens mode and can add light for single or group shots!
Will You Love LG V30? with Cindy Alexander Lisa Niver
selfie with Cindy Alexander and Lisa Niver
For video, I find that the LG V30 has crystal-clear audio, impressive steady stabilization and I am learning to use the new point-zoom function. With the V30, I can select any point in the frame and have the camera smoothly zoom in on it. 
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Will you love the LG V30? I can only tell you that every time I am with a group of travel writers; everyone says to me: “What phone is that? Those photos are so great!” So if you want travel photos that even travel writers are envious of, put the LG V30 on your holiday gift list!
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Happy Holidays and Safe Travels!
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