Muzungu: One who travels around

Muzungu: One who travels around

Article first published as Mzungu: One who travels around on Technorati. In the book, The Lost Girls: Three Friends. Four Continents. One Unconventional Detour Around the World, the three “lost girls” are in Africa and learn the word, Muzungu.  “I learned that [muzungu] originally meant ‘one who travels around,’ referring to the European traders who came in the … Continued

Race to Nowhere

Article first published as Race to Nowhere on Technorati. Race to Nowhere is a new movie about our schools, our students and ourselves. The issue of homework causes family arguments, feelings of stress, suicide and illness and some students take drugs to stay up late and finish their work. We seem to have forgotten that children’s play is … Continued

Colombia: To Go or Not to Go?

Article first published as Colombia: To Go or Not to Go? on Technorati. When I mentioned we are leaving to go to Colombia in two weeks, nearly everyone replies, “Is it safe to go there?” The Lonely Planet starts its section on Colombia by saying, “Colombia’s back. After decades of civil conflict, Colombia is now safe … Continued

Grateful at Thanksgiving

At this time of Thanksgiving, we are grateful for all the people who traveled to be with us and to celebrate with us!  We were lucky to spend Thanksgiving with our family and celebrate Zachary’s Bar Mitzvah together. I read this poem which my sister found for me at the Bar Mitzvah, and was reminded … Continued

Yemen: To Go or Not To Go?

Article first published as Yemen: To Go or Not To Go? on Technorati. Yemen has been on my mind lately with the recent intercepted mail bomb, the attack on the USS Cole and the book, The Woman Who Fell from the Sky in the news.  I was scheduled to travel to Aden, Yemen, in 2001 as senior assistant Cruise … Continued

Elephant Safaris in Sri Lanka

Article first published as Elephant Safaris in Sri Lanka on Technorati. For this teardrop shaped country with a landmass of relatively small size, Sri Lanka boasts diverse flora and fauna over 14 principle national parks and reserves.  Of these locations, the following are worthy to view wildlife: Bundala, Gal Oya, Kaudulla, Minneriya, Sinharaja Forest reserve, Uda Walawe, … Continued

A Meaningful Life: In memory of Marsha Wachtell

Article first published as A Meaningful Life on Technorati. Last Sunday on a beautiful sunny day in Simi Valley at Marsha Wachtell’s funeral, her spirit and connections were evident as many of the over 500 people present commented on her positive outlook and how she never complained or focused on having an incurable disease. She continued to … Continued

Spirit of Adventure

Article first published as Spirit of Adventure on Technorati. Last Sunday, I woke up and wanted an adventure. When I am in another country, “Adventure” with a capital A is always right around the corner. I knew if I tried I could find an adventure in the big city of Los Angeles. In the movie, Up, … Continued

Sri Lanka: To Go or Not To Go?

Article first published as Sri Lanka: To Go or Not To Go?on Technorati. After the 30 year civil war ended, we decided to go to Sri Lanka last summer. Our friends enjoyed a month of great travel in September 2009 and encouraged us to go. Wondering about the impact of so many years of war, I was … Continued

Global Travel Mission

George and I in Ha Long Bay in Viet Nam “Travel’s power is two fold: it is both a vehicle for enlightenment and a powerful agent of global change. Together we can make a difference.” Klara Glowczewska, Editor in Chief, Conde Nast Traveler I love the quote about the power of travel. Do you think … Continued

We Said Go Travel

We Said Go Travel