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25 Jan Foreigners in Taiwan

Foreigners in Taiwan On the way to see my best friend from Vancouver, I am lost in Taiwan’s web of underground train stations and tunnels. Someone asks if I need a map, and then, if I need it in another language. I accept his help, a...

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14 Apr Food and Fat in the UK

I stand at the counter of my humid kitchen, hair tied back and hands pressed against the hundred-year-old wood, peering into my glass cabinet for a measuring jug. I double check my sister’s rice pudding recipe, which is also my mother’s, which was also my...

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29 Mar Kenya

Kenya A man passes by with three camels on the beach. He does this journey twice every day. The camels are walking behind him on the snow-white sand proudly. Behind them the endless Indian Ocean shows off thousands shades of blue. The sun is high up, spreading...

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