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13 Jan Wheeling Through Kenya

When I arrived in Kenya, my nerves were shot. I had traveled to Nairobi from Australia via Bangkok, where I had been stranded for a few extra days due to a stress-induced moment of thoughtlessness in which I failed to notice that the time that...

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12 Oct Where the Soul is Home

When the soul pulls toward a certain direction it is best not to ignore it. For as long as I can remember, my soul pulled toward somewhere else, somewhere far away from where I was born. Despite the sense of wonder and adventure that the...

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16 Jul Uganda – A Love Affair

In September, 2009, I got on a plane with my just-thirteen year old son, bound for Uganda via London. My husband stayed at home; my daughter was in college. Other than an acquaintance from nearly fifteen years before who I’d reconnected with on Facebook, I...

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