From Borneo (Sabah, Brunei, Sarawak)Nov 18-Dec 12, 2008 Amazing Animals! We saw Orang utans in Semengoh rehabilitation center, Sarawak and Sepilok rehabilitation center, Sabah. Orang utans’ DNA is 96.4% exactly the SAME as OURS! We saw a baby who was 2 weeks old! The Orang utan (Orang in Malay is man, hutan is forest…so they … Continued


INDONESIA Oct 15-Nov 13, 2008 Komodo Dragons and Colored Lakes Rinca and Komodo Island are home to the ANCIENT KOMODO Dragons! We were lucky to see 15 of them in our 5km trek around the island. We also saw Water Buffalo, Monkeys and birds. It is like a real live Jurassic Park island. It is … Continued

Selamat Siang from Malaysia Nov 2008 Our first stop in Malaysia was Georgetown, Penang. We traveled by bus from Trang, Thailand to the island of Penang. The border crossing was interesting…out of Thailand (where we had a 30 day visa) and into Malaysia (where you get a 90 day visa on entry for free) which … Continued

October 2008 Gorgeous Islands of Thailand Karst Formations The unbelievable limestone mountains on the islands are breathtaking. “Erosion along limestone shores, notably in the tropics, produces karst topography that includes a sharp surface above the normal reach of the sea and undercuts that are mostly the result of biological activity or bioerosion at or above … Continued

Hello from AUSTRALIA! Use this link to see our photos and videos. You will find our photos from French Polynesia, New Zealand and now Australia. We will keep adding to them. ALSO see the links for our videos of the geysers, bubbling mud and George SAND SURFING!!! Adventures Down Under A day ahead Because … Continued

Winter in New Zealand From AUCKLAND Auckland is built on 48 volcanoes! New Zealand sits on the edge of the Pacific and Australian plates which is why there are SO many volcanoes. Because it is an island, after the age of dinosaurs, there were no mammals here ONLY birds (they flew here). The MOA was … Continued

August 2008 Here is the news from French Polynesia!! We went hiking in Moorea All about the trees–we saw many groves of MAPE trees The Mape tree was brought to Polynesia from South East Asia. It has a smooth trunk and can get rid of MOLD! The trees were used as drums and made into … Continued

Leaving Los Angeles for our one year trip mainly in SE ASIA Hello from George and LisaWe are leaving THURSDAY JULY 31st! We have one night of hotel planned and our flights so far are listed in the box. We will email updates to you when we can!!Thank you so much for all the bon … Continued