The Legacy of Empire- At the height of the British Empire, London was the greatest city in the world. It wasn’t the prettiest (that was Paris or Vienna), arguably it wasn’t the most technologically advanced (Berlin was far outstripping it by the turn of the century) but it was London, the Port of the World … Continued

Thank you to Richard Bangs, the Judge for our Inspiration Travel Writing Contest. YOU can decide the WINNER of our VAGABONDS CHOICE AWARD– Click here to VOTE now! And GET READY for our Independence Writing Contest with BIGGER Cash PRIZES starting May 11! The morning next we take a hike to the Tibetan village of … Continued

Lisa Morrow first came to Turkey in 1990, and over the course of more than 20 years has come to know the culture and its people well. She has visited and travelled throughout the country many times, and also lived in various cities and towns. She now resides permanently in Istanbul. A sociologist and writer, … Continued

“You are so lucky!  We’re expecting to have the best weather of the year while you’re at Torres Del Paine! (TDP)  These next five days are going to be spectacular, no clouds, blue skies and the best weather all year!”  Exclaimed the woman giving the informative speech on what is considered the best national park … Continued

London Callings

London Callings ‘If you are bored of London, you are bored of life’ –Samuel Pepys The world is a very different place than when Samuel Pepys, dedicated diarist of the 17th century was chronicling. It’s gotten wider, flatter, more interconnected, and in it’s own way more interchangeable. The breath and reach of technology permeates our … Continued

Many of my family’s best vacation memories have been made in the National Parks. Exploring the rugged terrain of Badlands National Park, scampering over giant boulders in Yellowstone, and spotting wildlife in Denali rank near the top of our experiences. A National Parks vacation can be truly rewarding, especially with some advance planning. I think … Continued

“There is no happiness for him who does not travel. Therefore, wander. The fortune of him who is sitting sits, it rises when he rises, it sleeps when he sleeps, it moves when he moves. Therefore, wander!”—- The Rig Veda – 800 – 600 BC Walking down a vacant road on the way to Padum, … Continued

Photographs by Scott and Leja DeLisi High atop a narrow ridge in the Bufumbira Mountains, the visitor reception centre was bathed in the first rays of sunlight. Outside the walls were washed with an orange patina and after years of rainswept erosion the buildings had become raised on their foundations. Half a dozen Uganda Wildlife … Continued

When people hear the words ‘South Africa,’ the first thing that comes to mind most of the time is safari. Travellers who visit South Africa often do not leave without joining in on one or more safari tours. As they say, you have not really experienced South Africa until you join in on a safari … Continued

Originality Counts? London is a city that has been wildly saturated by the global world. The five block radius around my apartment had no less than five starbucks, two pret-a-mangers, two Massimo Duttis, two Ranoush Juices, and I could go on for days. Its almost as much of a transplanted cultural dumping ground as Dubai … Continued