09 Aug Blessed in Israel

The people are everywhere. We pass each other and I nod my head in a  "what's up?" or "hey" kind of way. The nod is returned, along with a smile. My eyes are round and blue. Some have eyes that are mere slits. Others look...

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31 Jan Half-light in Israel

Concave apricot slices are belly up towards the desert sky, their wet insides unaware of the drought to come. In three days time, they’ll shrivel to brown. Lulu and I have just finished spreading hundreds of these slices on four white tables, singing Hebrew nursery...

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20 Jan My Haven in Israel

My Haven. The voice on the inspirational relaxation CD instructed me to "Find a place where I could relax and feel comfortable. Study it. Commit to memory how it looks, how it sounds, how it smells and above all how it affects my feelings." The theory was...

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06 Aug 2014 Israel – Gaza Conflict: Twitter Sentiment Analysis by MasterMineDS

Digital War [caption id="attachment_135" align="alignright" width="220"] Missiles range launched from Gaza Strip[/caption] [Publisher's Note: This article arrived yesterday August 5, 2014, but is being published on August 6, 2014]Today at 8AM a cease fire has been declared in operation Protective Edge. The public discussion over the operation, however, will stay with...

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