Middle East


17 Nov Thank You in the USA

This around the world adventure has truly begun. Several days in, and I’ve tried several times to write something that you might enjoy reading. I want to tell you about the journey here, the hostel stays and late night train rides, my new friends both...

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09 Aug Blessed in Israel

The people are everywhere. We pass each other and I nod my head in a  "what's up?" or "hey" kind of way. The nod is returned, along with a smile. My eyes are round and blue. Some have eyes that are mere slits. Others look...

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04 May Sukran, Saudi Arabia!

‘Sukran’, Arabia! The searing sun basks its golden sunrays, piercing through chunks of cumulus clouds. The silhouettes of camels, embellish the undulating terrain of ups and downs. The oblique cresses adorn these orange waves of sand, like God’s epitaphs. You can hear the susurrus murmurs of...

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