18 Dec The End of the World in the UK

The End of the World According to the locals and to anyone I have spoken to since, it was a rare occasion. Tarbert, on the Isle of Harris, experiencing the perfect trinity; no rain, no wind and no mosquitoes. Free wheeling into the village for...

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01 Sep Back to Basics in the Mexican Jungle

“It’s called the Rainbow Gathering”, repeated the seemingly innocent blonde-haired girl, as we perched on the pavement amidst the hustle-and-bustle of Mexico City’s largest market: El Mercado de la Merced. “It’s hard to explain exactly what it is… I can’t even tell you where it...

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07 Jul Escaping the Concrete in the UK

My shoulders are burning. My ankles feel like they are made of broken glass. I still haven’t showered; my clothes are stubbornly holding onto the scent of burning wood and sweat. Probably why the seats adjacent to me on this bus are empty, despite it...

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14 Jun Singing in the Rain in the UK

  PLAY ME, I’M YOURS slants across the side of it, white on wood. It is chain-bolted to the cement floor of Liverpool Station. London sunshine points through the window frames at cluster of seven Christian college students staring.  “There it is. Finally, after two hours of...

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30 Apr Welcoming the Spring in the UK

We lean against the damp brick wall in the candlelit building, rushing water and chanted intonations echo around us. One by one, the candles are put out and our attention is guided inwards. We meditate together, standing in the silence. Cold waters gush up from...

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