23 Jun Spanish Inspiration

Located three hours by bus northwest of Madrid, Gredos is a quiet farming community surrounded by snow capped mountains.  My husband and I went there with 21 other Anglos to converse in English with an equal number of Spanish business people and students.  We were...

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19 Apr Boabdil’s Sigh in Spain

Boabdil's Sigh Regret, defeat, anger, sorrow, dispair. Imagine a sigh deep and heavy enough to carry all of those feelings. Maybe you know that feeling. Such was the sigh of Boabdil, last Moorish King of Granada, Andalucia, Spain. He was fleeing, conquered and defeated, from...

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26 Mar Finding The Way Through Spain

Help!  Already I was lost!  And not even out of Madrid airport!   I hadn’t even started to walk the Camino Frances, the medieval pilgrim trail, over 440 miles across Spain to Santiago de Compostela.  No intrepid traveller, I’d worried intensely about travelling alone over 12,000 miles...

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22 Feb An Act of Bravery in Spain

There are those who are pessimists by blood and wanderers by spirit. To be both, you must be brave, and to be neither, you must be strong-willed. I am neither and both, but I am invisible. Exclusively, I divined in the peacefulness of sitting beneath...

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